The Substitute Wife: My Poor Husband is a Billionaire, Chapter 404 and Chapter 405

The Substitute Wife: My Poor Husband is a Billionaire, Chapter 404 No Other Witnesses

Patty’s words were well within reason. It was still lunch break and when Tiffany called Patty to her office, a bunch of senior designers came with her. They wasted no time putting in good words for Patty.

“We’ve been working together for a long time, and we’ve got to know each other very well Patly might be a little sharp-tongued, but she is not a liar”

“That’s right Patty is always friendly and willing to help the new hires, too.She was very happy when she learned that she would be Janet’s partner on this project.Who would have thought that things would turn out like this? It seems to me that anyone who works with Janet ends up getting screwed one way or another”

“It’s not the first time that something like this happened, either, and Janet is involved each time.It’s all your fault, Lind.Why are you blaming other people?”

Janet was trembling with rage.

“It has nothing to do with me,” she said through gritted teeth.

“The issue is between Patty and Ronald.”

Then she turned to Patty and said, “I have never done anything to you, so why did you set me up?”

“It’s you who set me up.” Patty countered innocently.

Seeing that it was useless to argue her side, Janet said nothing more and strode out of Tiffany’s office.She knew that an explanation alone wouldn’t be enough to convince her colleagues.She needed concrete evidence to back her up.

Unfortunately, Ronald’s companions had gone out to smoke when the incident happened.

There were no other witnesses aside from her and Patty.

Janet took a cab and went to the hotel where they had dinner last night.

“Apologies, Miss, but we have these private rooms for a reason.The term speaks for itself, so naturally, we do not have surveillance cameras in these rooms.”

The receptionist was blunt and dismissive toward Janet Her attitude mainly had to do with the fact that Janet was an average career woman such as herself, and not among the elite that she was used to cozying up to.

“I see.I’m sorry for taking up your time.In that case, did anyone from your staff happen to hear a commotion in that particular room last night?”

Janet wasn’t about to give up just yet.

“I’m really sorry, Miss,” the receptionist said, sounding impatient this time.

“We cater to countless guests every day.We can’t possibly keep track of anything that’s going on behind closed doors.”

Janet felt her heart sink. Without evidence, no one would believe her.Her last option was Ronald himself.

Janet crossed her fingers and hoped that he would give her a moment of his time.

Unfortunately, it looked like Ronald was keen on taking revenge for what had happened last night.

Janet’s call never went through, making her realize that he had already blacklisted her.

Left with no other choice, she decided to go over to Yoyo Fashion. She would camp outside his office if she had to.

“I’m sorry,” the company’s receptionist said, her face blank.

“Mr.Williams has said that he will not be seeing anyone from the Larson Group.”

But Janet was tenacious.She took a step in the direction of the elevator banks.

“I just want to see him for a bit.I will leave once I’ve explained everything to him.”

“Please, Miss.If you don’t leave right away.I’m afraid I will have to ask security to see you out.”

Even though she said this, the receptionist had already taken out her walkie-talkie and proceeded to speak to the receiver.

“Come to the reception.A suspicious person is here, and she refuses to leave.”

Janet gnashed her teeth together, her nostrils flaring.She eventually trudged out of Yoyo Fashion, feeling bitter and dejected.

The Substitute Wife My Poor Husband is a Billionaire, Chapter 405: Being Isolated

Dispirited, Janel went back to the company At this time, Gerda was busy sketching some designs.

“Tiffany wanted to see you.She said you should drop by her office once you’re back,” she said.

Janet glanced at Tiffany’s office for a few seconds, stood up, and walked over reluctantly “Back 50 soon? Seems like you didn’t find any evidence”

Tiffany was reading a document while speaking.

She didn’t even raise her head, but she knew that Janet was the one who came into her office.

Janet replied, “I’ll need a few more days, but I’ll get you the evidence you need.”

Tiffany let out a sigh.

“I’m inclined to trust you, but you each put your own spin on what really happened last night.Since there isn’t any concrete evidence, as your superior, I have to stay objective about this.I can’t make my judgment based on personal biases.Just try your best to find an evidence to support your claims.”

Janet fell silent for a moment ‘It seems that Tiffany is saying that no action will be taken against this matter unless I find evidence “Okay I understand.”

Tears welled up in Janet’s eyes when she left Tiffany’s office.

After that interaction, Janet worked in the company like normal.

Sadly, the matter hadn’t blown over yet.

Because they lost the quarterly bonus, all of her coworkers in the design department held a grudge against her and they vented their anger towards her.

Though there wasn’t any evidence to prove which one of them was lying, most of their coworkers were on Patty’s side.

The main reason was because Patty was the girlfriend of the Larson Group’s operations manager.

And now, she and Janet were at odds.

None of the employees dared to offend someone more influential and powerful than they were.

Patty didn’t have a falling out with Janet because of this.

She even acted like she was the bigger person by saying, “We’re all colleagues here.I think it’s better if we all be nice.I understand that there are many rumors circulating about Lind.Though I’m not surprised that she’d do something like that, let’s all just let it go and move on.”

1 Gerda sat at her own station, craning her neck to get a better look at Patty.

Patty spoke so loud that everyone in the office must’ve heard her.

Pouting, Gerda lowered her head and said to Janet, “What a hypocrite she is! I once heard her speaking ill of you behind your back.She told our coworkers that you have a screw loose and that you’re too proud for your own good.”

Janet, on the other hand, just continued sketching her designs at her workstation in silence.

Because of this matter, she saw Patty’s true colors.Sooner or later, I’ll find the evidence to support my claims.For now, let’s just ignore them and focus on our work, shall we?” Janet replied nonchalantly.

‘Gerda let out a sigh.Janet is such a pushover” she thought.

Because of Patty.

Janet had now become the most hated person in the design department, Although the others weren’t openly saying it, they really hated Janet.

Even someone as carefree as Gerda could clearly see that Janet was being isolated by everybody else.

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that Janet had been Caught in a terrible predicament Throughout the entire design department, Gerda was the only one willing to talk to Janet now.

Janet was pretending like it didn’t affect her, but in truth, it dampened her spirit.

Just as her mood soured, her phone vibrated on the table.

Janet stared at the caller ID blankly for a few seconds.

It was a call from Ella Davian, her old college classmate.

Janet pondered for a moment.She rarely had ever contacted her college classmates ever since they graduated, let alone someone she didn’t get along with like Ella.

Ella used to be her roommate in college.

They had some conflicts in the past, so their relationship wasn’t very good.

Janet wanted to ignore this call.

But out of politeness, she picked up the phone.

“Why’d you take so long to answer the phone, Janet?”

Ella, as always, was short-tempered.She couldn’t bear the idea of others ignoring her “Sorry, I was too busy to notice it right away.”

Janet replied insincerely.

“It’s fine.I heard from another classmate that you’re now working for the Larson Group.Does that mean you’re doing pretty good for yourself?”

Ella spoke rather warmly over the phone.

“There’s going to be a reunion party of our old college class on Saturday night.You should come! Don’t forget it.”

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