The Substitute Wife: My Poor Husband is a Billionaire, Chapter 406 Class Reunion

The Substitute Wife: My Poor Husband is a Billionaire, Chapter 406 Class Reunion

“I won’t be free that day. Perhaps another time,” Janet said, her voice calm and devoid of emotion. She’d just had a bad day and was in no mood to attend a class reunion.

When Janet was in college, she hadn’t gotten along with Ella and the others. She’d been a wallflower, so it was surprising that they invited her this time.

Ella’s laughter came to an abrupt end and she was suddenly serious.

“All our classmates will be there.

People will notice if you’re the only one absent.

Do you want that? It’s not that hard to take one day off.

It’s not every day you get an opportunity like this.

Who knows when the next class reunion will be Janet bit her lip, deep in thought.

“I’ll consider it.”

Ella noticed that Janet was in a bad mood, and her tone brightened.

“What’s there to think about? You do sound down in the dumps though, what happened?”

“It’s nothing.I’m fine”

Janet sighed in frustration.

“I’ll go.”

She decided it wasn’t a bad idea to have a get-together.She did want to relax and change her mood.

Ella’s cheerful laughter on the phone showed how pleased she was.

“Wonderful! I’ll see you at Susie’s.”

After the call disconnected, Janet kept thinking about the reunion.

Maybe meeting her old classmates again wasn’t a bad idea. Janet had a boring college life, but it was still much better back then than the infighting she was having now at the Larson Group.

Besides, she’d had some bad blood between her and Ella in college.

Meeting again was a great way to get past it.

Janet told Ethan about the call from Ella that night.

“I have some matters to resolve, so I won’t be home early for the next few days, Saturday included.Don’t worry about me.You can have a good time with your classmates,” Ethan said, pinching her cheek.

He had a meeting with some foreign partners that day.

Janet nodded.

Although she didn’t pay much attention to it, it was strange that Ethan had suddenly become quite busy ever since he changed his job under the Lester family’s pressure.

The day of the class reunion arrived and Janet arrived at the restaurant according to the address which Ella had texted to her.

A whole year had passed, but it wasn’t like they changed drastically.

Ella was able to recognize Janet at first glance.

“Janet! Over here!”

Ella waved Janet over to the table where she sat.

Ella had changed quite a bit.She was now dressed expensively.She even had a Hermes bag sitting on the table in front of her.

She pulled Janet into the seat beside her and said, “Wow Janet, you haven’t changed huh? Your fashion laste is still terrible Does the Larson Group not pay you well?”

Janet smiled and stayed quiet She’d received many messages talking about how Ella was the one funding the class reunion and that she had booked the whole restaurant for the night, even going as far as paying for everything they would eat and drink.

Janet knew that Ella’s family wasn’t well-to-do.

Back in college, she was even spotted wearing knock-offs.

How was she able to act so generously now?

“Ella, I heard that your husband runs a company.Isn’t he great?”

Several of their old classmates surrounded Ella, buttering her up.

With an unbothered look on her face, Ella said, “My husband’s grandfather runs the company.It’s a family business and now my husband is in charge of it.My husband has been saying that he wants to start his own business, but his family won’t hear of it.They keep saying he is the only heir.There’s just so much responsibility on his shoulders.”


Envy filled the voices of those around her.

“Isn’t it better to have a family business to inherit? Starting a new business is risky!”

“You’re so lucky! It’s such a surprise! You got married quickly after graduation, so while we were struggling to get jobs, you were already a rich housewife!”

Ella smirked slightly, raising her chin proudly.

Turning to Janet, amusement colored her tone.

“How about you, Janet? How are you doing? You’re married as well, aren’t you?”

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