The Three Little Guardian Angels by Ginger Bud Chapter 1296

Chapter 1296 

I see.” The receptionist nodded and said something to the other female employee

The female employee no longer doubted Linda, so she approached her to take over.You just started working. All the teas that you see here are reserved especially for the administration department. Ms. Vanderbilt likes to drink Earl Grey, and the temperature mustnt be too hot.” 

Linda nodded, staring at the teapot she had poured the powder into

After the female employee poured water into the teapot, she boiled the pot on the induction cooker. A few minutes passed while they were waiting for the water to boil, and Linda did not dare to speak too much for fear of being discovered

When the water started boiling, the female employée placed a tea bag she took out of a box reserved exclusively for Maisie into the thermos and poured the water into it.

Linda took a deep breath as she started to perspire profusely on her temples. But she calmed down as soon as she thought about what the woman had told her, saying that this drink would not kill anyone and that it would only make others sick

The female employee turned to look at Linda. You can leave this to me and get back to work first.” 

Ah, oh... Okay, thanks.Linda left the scene but bumped into Saydie, the woman who followed Maisie around all the time, in the corridor

Linda quickly pulled down the brim of her hat and passed by her in a hurry

Saydie stopped and turned to look at the figure that seemed to be escaping from something

The female employee came out with a thermos and said with a grin when she saw Saydie, Are you here for the tea? Its just been brewed.” 

Saydie took the thermos in her hand and nodded. Thank you.” 

In the office… 

Maisie was flipping through some documents when Saydie knocked on the door. She pushed open the door, entered, and placed the thermos on the desk. Maisie raised her head and said with a smile, Thank you for the hard work.” 


la Thank and.sai

d with a smile, desdiu 

She was about to pick up the thermos when Saydie reported out of the blue, I ran into Linda just now.” 

Maisie unscrewed the lid and frowned. Linda?. Saydie nodded. “She appeared around the pantry region sneakily and ran away immediately when she saw me.” 

Maisie put the thermos back on the desk.Go and check the surveillance footage of that area.” 

Linda came to a small back alley after she escaped from Soul. Shen then leaned against the wall and panted heavily as she took out her cell phone and called Cecile

However, before the call got through, her cell phone was abruptly snatched away from her grasp. She turned her head around and saw several men standing beside her, and her expression changed instantly 

Saydie handed the surveillance footage she had downloaded from the system over to Maisie and then summoned the two employees who had been at the pantry into the office, The two staff employees did not know what had happened. They did not understand until Saydie asked, That woman... Did she claim that shes new here, and Ms. Vanderbilt is the person who hired her?” 

Maisie fiddled with the pen in her hand.Did she say that?” 

Yes, I saw her brewing tea in the pantry when I went in, so I asked, and didn‘t she come to you yesterday? Thats why I thought she was our new colleague.” The female employee bowed her head in remorse after explaining her actions

I actually got deceived into making such a mistake. Will I be fired?‘ 

Okay, I get it.Maisie put the cap of the pen on and stood up. You two can go back to your workstations and continue working first. I’ll handle this matter.” 

Thank you, Ms. Vanderbilt.” The two female employees bowed to Maisie and then exited the office. 

Maisie handed the thermos on the desk to Saydie. Bring this to a lab and test it to see if theres any problem with the tea.” 

At noon, Saydie rushed back to the company from the hospital and just happened to encounter Quincy downstairs


Quincy stopped her while he was getting out of the car. Is Mrs. Goldmann in now?Yes, is there anything that requires ber 

attention?Saydie looked at him

Quincy came over with some snacks and shoved them into her arms. Mr. Goldmann asked me to bring these here. Can you brina them to Mrs. Goldmann while youre on your way up?

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