The Three Little Guardian Angels by Ginger Bud Chapter 1298

Chapter 129

Linda did not overthink it as she urgently needed money now. Thus, she hung up the phone and hurried across the road, but a car appeared out of nowhere and rammed into her

A loud shriek pierced through the stagnant air, and Linda was knocked into the air, flew in the air, and landed a few feet away from the car. One of her shoes fell off, and the screen of the cell phone beside her shattered

Her face landed on the ground, and she seemed to be staring straight ahead with an unwilling gaze. Her fingertips trembled as her pupils gradually dilated, and a pool of scarlet blood oozed out from behind her head

A man walked up to her, picked up her phone with a gloved hand, pulled out the SIM and SD card, broke them forcibly, and threw them into the flowerbed in the middle of the road

He then walked back to the parked car and got into the car. Cecile, who was sitting in the rear seat, retracted her gaze as the corners of her cherry lips twitched. Let’s go.” 

Maisie called Hector, obtained Lindas number from him, and tried to call her, but her phone was turned off. Hence, she asked Saydie to track Linda down. However, the result of the investigation led them to the hospitals mortuary








She hurried to the hospital with Saydie






The police cfficers were communicating with the doctor when she stepped forward and asked, Excuse me, may I know if the deceased who was brought in is called Linda Vanderbilt?” 





One of the officers picked up the ID card and took a glance at it. Who are you, and whats your relationship with the deceased?” 

Maisie pursed her lower lip. Im her cousin.” 


The police officer nodded. Were just trying to contact her family members, but because her phone has broken, and the 

SIM card isnt in the phone..

Maisie frowned. Whats the cause of death?” 

He replied, A car accident. And apparently, the street where she was knocked over doesnt have any surveillance cameras set up, so the perpetrator fled. When she was found, and we rushed to the scene, it was already too late.” 

The officers left after asking Maisie some more questions

Maisie was left standing in the empty corridor, wondering about something

Nolan and Quincy arrived later. He saw Maisie sitting on the bench and hurried forward. Zee.” 

Maisie lifted her head but could not even force a faint smile. I didnt expect things to end like this.” 

Nolan frowned. After a long time, he crouched down in front of her and covered the back of her hand with his palm.Quincy has already told me about the incident. Zee, the important thing here is that youre fine.” 

Maisie lowered her head and leaned on his shoulder. Even if Linda hated me to the bones, she wouldnt want to kill me and would at most only want to retaliate against me. So, I think... Shes been taken advantage of.” 

If Linda wanted to kill me, she wouldve done it long ago. She needed the money desperately, which makes it even more unlikely for her to kill me because she would come to me when shes desperate.‘ 


Maisie had seen through Lindas mindset long ago, but she did not expect that Linda would run into an accident

Nolan hugged her and stroked her hair. Dont worry. Ill get to the bottom of this matter.” 

Yorick and Madam Vanderbilt were informed that their daughter and granddaughter had encountered an accident and traveled to Bassburgh overnight. When it came to the moment to claim his daughters body from the morgue, Yorick turned his head away as he did not dare to look straight at her

Madam Vanderbilt stood frozen in place for a while, but she did not cry hysterically. This is just unfortunate. The daughter thats been with us for more than 20 years died just like that. I told her hot to come to Bassburgh and find herself a family to get married to as soon as possible. Now, look at what happened!” 

Yorick did not utter a single word. He took out a packet of cigarettes, walked silently to the corridor, took one out, and lit it

Maisie and Saydie walked out of the elevator. She asked Saydie to wait for her there and walked toward Yorick alone. Uncle.” 

Yorick took two puffs of smoke. His hands were shaking while his voice sounded hoarse. “Both the mother and the daughter, both of them had had a rough life.” 

Im already investigating the accident. As long as the perpetrator is caught, maybe 

Before she could finish the sentence, Madam Vanderbilt walked out of the morgue and saw Maisie. Her expression dimmed immediately. Ever since a few years ago, after Leilas incident, the Vanderbilts have always been overcast by a series of misfortunes. All the damned ones are dead now, so lets just all end this right here, right now.” 

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