The Three Little Guardian Angels by Ginger Bud Chapter 1300

Chapter 1300 

The wording on her nametag showed that she was Cecile Wolfsbane from the strategy department

Cecile had a jacket in her hands, and Maisie was very familiar with the custommade jacket that Nolan wore to the office earlier this morning

Maisie raised his eyebrows slightly and chuckled. Miss, is there anything that I can help you with?” 

Cecile lowered her gaze and handed her the jacket. Mr. Goldmann has dropped this jacket. Since youre his wife, please return it to him for me. Thank you.” 

Maisie took a glimpse at the jacket in Ceciles hand, and her gaze shifted onto Cecile‘s face. She did not grab the jacket 

directly from Cecile but asked Saydie to grab it for her instead

Saydie took the jacket into her hands, and Maisie walked into the elevator with her without uttering another word 

The moment the elevators doors slowly closed, isolating the people on both sides of the doors, Cecile smirked out of the blue. She glanced at her reflection in the mirror, and her  

Maisie walked into Noians office. Nolan was indeed not wearing a jacket, and Quincy was talking with him when he saw Maisie first. Mrs. Goldmann?” 

When his gaze landed on the jacket in Saydies hands, he was stunned. That jacket wasn‘t it...” 

Saydie threw the jacket to Quincy, and he caught it with a bewildered look on his face

Nolan leaned against the edge of the desk with a smirk on his face. Why did you pick this jacket up from the cleaning cart?” 

I didn’t pick it up.Máisie shrugged, walked to the couch, sat down, and grabbed a teacup from the desk. It was given to me by a woman named Cecile. She asked me to bring it to you.” 

Nolans eyes narrowed slightly. 

Quincy was surprised and explained to Maisie, The woman named Cecile bumped into Mr. Goldmann this morning, so Mr. Goldmann threw away his jacket, saying that it smelled of her perfume. Hes afraid that youd misunderstand...” 

So did the woman pick the jacket up and give it back to Mrs. Goldmann?‘ 

Maisie blinked and said nothing

Nolan asked Saydie and Quincy to exit the office. After the two left, he walked to the couch, leaned over, propped his hands against the back of the couch, and approached her. You‘re worried about me.” 


Maisie leaned back, looked at him, and could not help but sneer, Why would I worry about you?” 





Nolan pinched her chin and gently rubbed her lips with his fingertips. Youre worried that I would cheat on you with another woman.” 



She raised her hand to flatten his tie and smiled. Wouldnt I have to live the rest of my life carefully and fearfully if I didnt even have any trust for you? Theres no way Im going to do that.” 

He sneered, turned over, and took her into his arms. That woman thinks shes smart

Ill get Quincy to notify the human resource department to fire her immediately.

Maisie was astonished, but she thought of something all of a sudden. Dont fire her first. I have a feeling that this woman came prepared.” 

Nolan narrowed his eyes and said nothing

Maisie was silent for a moment, and her lips slowly moved. A newcomer whos just joined the company, whos never seen me, but knows who I am, and handed me the jacket deliberately without any explanation, if this were to happen to a woman who doesnt trust her husband at all, she wouldve lost her cool on the spot.” 

Nolan tucked the hair hanging over her forehead behind her ears with a pregnant expression. You think shes strange too, huh?” 

If I hadnt seen Rowena die at the bottom of the sea with my very own eyes, I wouldve suspected that shes Rowena. But if you go deeper into the details of the incident, if Rowena were to be alive right now, she wouldve wanted to cover all her trails out of fear of being discovered.” 

Maisie looked at Nolan. But that woman resembles Rowena in a lot of ways. Even her facial features and gaze remind me of Rowena.” 

“I‘ll get Quincy to keep an eye on her,Nolan rubbed the top of her head, and his gaze became sterner and clearer instantly.

would also like to know who the heck she is.

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