The Three Little Guardian Angels by Ginger Bud Chapter 1301

Chapter 1301 

By the way, have we gotten anything back about Lindas accident?Maisie got to the point because she almost forgot about it

Nolan got up, walked to the desk, and took out a file. Lindas workplace, including the clients she had and her boss, all the information is in here.” 

Maisie walked over, took the file, and flipped through it. Just as she suspected, the place she had been working at had an illegal backing. It was impossible that Linda didnt know about it. If she werent a willing participant, she shouldve gone to see Maisie when she noticed something was off

Nolan sat on his leather seat. Ive asked Tanner to check it out. Coincidentally, that ;‘ 

loan company had dealings with his first love.” 

Maisie paused before she continued going through the information. illegal loans, forced naked loans, exploiting employees. How could a company like this not have been investigated?” 

Nolan chuckled. No one did before this, but its happening now.” 

The loan company was surrounded by police cars, and the passersby stood around to see what was going on. The police officers led out a group of people while police officers with guns stood by and watched

When Mr. Donovan was led out, he was still explaining, Officer, I didnt do anything. The students willingly sent us their nudes in exchange for a loan. I didnt force-‘ Get in.The police officer pushed him into the cruiser

After the company was locked up, the police officers drove the men away

In the interrogation room, Mr. Donovan was put in handcuffs and was questioned by the police officers under the bright light. When they asked about Linda, he was surprised and immediately said, What happened to Linda? She wanted... to cancel her 

contract. Theres a fee for breach of contract, but she hasnt paid that yet

Moreover, we give out loans, and its not a crime. We dont kill people

The police officer slammed the table and looked serious. Its not a crime, but its illegal. Forcing women to send nudes in exchange for a loan is a transaction. You even swindle, exploit employees, and threaten people. Thats enough to send you to prison.” 

Mr. Donovan‘s expression changed, and he sat up straight, No, officer, you don‘t have evidence” 

The other police officer threw a stack of papers on the table. Do you want to take a look at what we have?” 

Mr. Donovan opened the file, and his face turned pale, and he immediately stopped talking


Meanwhile, Maisie and Nolan were standing on the other side of the window and were watching what was happening

The police officer asked, Have you seen Linda in the past two days?YYes.Cold sweat started pouring as Mr. Donovan asked, Did something happen to 


The police officers didnt answer. Where did you see her, and what was she doing?” 

He answered, At the building site on the outskirts. I asked to meet her there because we needed to talk about the penalty for breaching her contract.” 

He didnt dare say she had been kidnapped and his people had beaten her up. The police officers stared at him and only spoke after a long pause. She got into an accident that day and died at the building site. Did you do it?” 

Mr. Donovan was stunned, then started yelling, I didnt do it! After we talked, we dumped her there and left! I have people that 

can confirm she was still fine when we left.” 

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