The Three Little Guardian Angels by Ginger Bud Chapter 1302

Chapter 1302 

Maisie looked at Mr. Donovans expressions because one could tell a lie through that. Even though he looked very emotional and anxious, his eyes didnt avert. He was just explaining because he didnt want to suddenly be linked to a murder

The police officers left the interrogation room and looked at Nolan, Mr. Goldmann, I dont think they caused the accident.” 

Nolan spoke to him for a bit, and then he brought Mr. Donoval out when Maisie suddenly walked forward. Hold on” 

The police officer and Mr. Donovan both looked toward her

Maisie walked to him. When you met Linda, what did she say to you?” 

Mr. Donovan paused, looked at the police officer, and then replied, I asked her to pay the penalty as soon as possible, and she agreed.” 

“Did you remove her SIM?Maisie asked

He took a deep breath, almost out of patience. Why would I do that? I didnt think she would have the guts to call the police on me.” 

Thats all then.” After Maisie said that, the police officer took him away

Nolan walked to her and held her hand. Why did you ask?” 

Maisie looked around. Her SIM was intact before her accident but was later removed. Even if her phone was crushed, the card wouldnt just disappear unless” 

After Linda was killed, someone took her phone and removed it

As for why that was done, it was simpleto remove her call list

Mr. Donovan had said that Linda agreed to pay him, but even though Maisie rejected Linda when she asked for money previously. she probably would still contact her to borrow some money because she was desperate

However, since Linda had tried to drug her that morning, she hadnt called Maisie, and if Maisie had drank the tea and died, Linda wouldnt be able to pay back any of the money she owed anyway

All that was enough to indicate that someone had promised to give Linda some money, and that was why she had tried to poison her

When Maisie snapped back, she held Nolans hand. By the way, I want to ask Quincy to get her call record.” 

Nolan smiled. Alright.” 

At a private rental zone..

Cecile went to Lindas room along with the landlady, and once she opened the door and saw how messy it was, she couldnt help but feel disgusted

The landlady looked at the immaculately dressed Cecile and said, This is Lindas room. Are you really Lindas friend? Ive never seen you before.” 

Cecile took out a few dollars and stuffed them into her hand. Im here to help her collect her things. You can leave me here

The landlady held the money and smiled! Alright, do whatever you wish. Just hang the keys at my door when you leave.” After she left, Cecile walked into the room and covered her mouth and nose in disgust. Shes Maisies cousin, but they live so differently. Tsk, that‘s why she hated Maisie.” 

She walked to the desk and went through everything before finding the namecard she had given to Linda

She put that away. You would do this too, right?Then she happily left

Meanwhile, Quincy visited Lindas phone provider and printed out her call record for Maisie

Maisie took it and saw that Linda had been calling a number rather frequently two days before her death. She handed the print out to Nolan and smiled beautifully. Im sure my lovely husband will be able to find out to whom the number belongs, right?” 

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