The Three Little Guardian Angels by Ginger Bud Chapter 1303

Chapter 1303 

Nolan chuckled, hugged Maisie by her shoulder, and took the paper, I can, bul..Holeoned in closet, I want a reward” 

Maisie looked at Quincy through the corner of her eyes. Dont look” 

Quincy quietly looked out the window. 1 wont, but you need to make it quick. I nood to drive.” 

Maisie kissed Nolan on his lips which made him flash a big smile, and pulled her back in for a deeper kloo

After a minute, she pulled back with her face fully blushing and cleared her throat.Quincy, you can drive now” 

Quincy sighed. He shouldnt have stayed in the car

Nolan picked up the laptop and opened an app while Maisie leaned closer to look, putting her head closer to hio body. Seeing how this hairy thing was blocking his eyesight, he helplessly smiled and pressed her head onto his chest. Dont look too close. Its bad for your eyes.” 

Maisie blinked and looked up at him. I know, Im just curious...” 

Nolan rarely used his hacking skills, and it had been a few years since the previous time

Nolan planted a kiss on her forehead.Colton is probably as good as I am already

Maisie was surprised. Colton?” 

She immediately sat up and looked at him.” I didn‘t know that ColtonDo you think hes only good at playing the plano?Nolan tapped her nose. You dont know your son well enough.” 

Maisie was stunned. Colton was a hacker and had hidden it from her for so many yearsthe disrespect

Nolan was able to find out quickly, and Maisie looked at the information on the screen. Whos Maxine Summers?” 

This is not a local number.” Nolan closed his laptop and looked up. Quincy, get someone to find out who Maxine Summers from Stoslo is.” 

Quincy nodded. Got it.” 

Maisie looked down and was curious. It wouldnt be that simple. Was Maxine related to Lindas accident? Why would she do something to her

And that mysterious woman Cecile, her eyes made Maisie uncomfortable. It seemed like something that was made to look like a coincidence, and it was hard not to be suspicious

That evening at the Goldmann mansion..

While they were having dinner, Nolan and Maisie sat across from the children, who were already in high school. The babies had now grown into beautiful teenagers

Colten and Wayion looked more and more like Nolan as they grew older. They thought that Daisie was a good mix of her and Nolan, but other than her eyes, Daisie was pretty much the female version of Nolan, and she was absolutely stunning

Mom, why are you staring at me?Daisie looked up, saw her mother staring, and smiled

Maisie felt awkward because her daughter had her personality. She cleared her throat and slowly said, Daisie, you need to be more ladylike.” 

Daisie stopped smiling and pouted while she chewed on her fork 

Colton laughed out loud. Mom, theres no way that she will be a lady. No, that doesnt work for her.” 

Daisie glared at him, Why dont you stuff your face with food?” 

I was just saying it as it is.” 

You should be a gentleman too!” 

Colton shrugged and said in a serious tone, I didnt say that Im not a gentleman. All you need is for Zeph to be a gentleman

Daisie angrily put down her fork and rolled up her sleeves. Coleman Goldmann, theres no need to bring him into this

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