The Three Little Guardian Angels by Ginger Bud Chapter 1304

Chapter 1304 

Was i wrong?” Colton was annoyed.Youre going to watch a movie during the weekend. I hope you don‘t complain about him not treating you like a friend.” 

When Noilace had left her, she had cried to him and said that he hever treated her like a friend

YouDaisie was so angry she could no longer eat, so she got up and stomped upstairs

Colton continued sitting there and finished his food

Maisie looked helpless, so she threw a rib into his bowl. You should stop teasing her.”

I will,Colton lazily replied. I dont want her not to learn from her past. She can

just keep getting attached to every boy she meets. We dont know if the men have bad intentions.” 

He didnt like Zephir because he could see there was something off about him. His sister couldnt see it

Maisie was surprised

Nolan, who was quiet, couldnt help but laugh. Its great that Colton is trying to protect his sister.” 

Maisie suddenly asked, Daisie is going to the movies with Zephit?||

Yes, she tried to hide it from me.Colton wouldnt have been so upset if he didnt have to find out from someone else that his sister was going to the movies with some other man

Maisie didnt say anything. The children were in their youth, and it was problematic. It might ruin them if they didnt teach them well enough when they were starting to date

After dinner, Maisie went to Daisies room and knocked on the door. Daisie?” 

After a moment, Daisie opened the door with a towel on her hair. Mom?” 

Daisie went to her dresser while Maisie helped her dry her hair. Are you still angry with your brother?” 

She pouted. Why did he have to say that about me?” 

Maisie picked up her hairdryer and slowly used it on Daisies hair. Your brother cares about you a lot even though he teases you.” 


Cares?Daisie looked at Maisie through the mirror. He just bullies me. He doesnt care.” 

Wayion would always spoil her and bring lots of presents back whenever he came home. He didnt argue with her either

Maisie smiled. You silly girl. Everyone shows that they care differently. Wayion loves you because youre the youngest in the family, and since he cant spend time with the two of you, that is his way of showing his love for you

Colton has always been by your side and watched you grow up. He has a bigger responsibility of taking care of you. Even though hes strict, he would always be there for you whenever you cried.” 

Daisie lowered her head after listening to Maisie

Maisie placed the hairdryer on the table and put her hands on Daisies shoulder while looking at her through the mirror.Your brother is upset and worried that youre going to the movies with Zephir without telling him.” 

Daisie pouted. Im not just going with him. Lisa is coming along too, and.

She mumbled, I wasnt trying to hide it from him. I just dont want them to be together. He always picks a fight with Zeph even though Zeph treats me nicely. It makes me feel awkward when Calton does that,

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