The Three Little Guardian Angels by Ginger Bud Chapter 1305

Chapter 1305 

That was why she didnt tell Colton that she was going to the movies. Since she had promised Zephir, she couldnt just cancel it

Maisie smiled and rubbed her head. I understand. You just dont want your friends to feel bad, right?” 

Daisie nodded, and Maisie smiled warmly.All you need to do is to speak to Colton. Look, if you dont tell him how you feel, youll be protecting your friends but hurting your family because he did it out of care. He was upset when you talked back.” 

Daisie thought about it for a long time, and the anger in her heart soon disappeared. She stood up. Mom, Ill go talk to him now

She ran out of the room

Maisie walked out and was startled by Nolan, who was leaning on the wall with his arms crossed. How long have you been there 

Not long.He smiled and looked at her. You managed to convince Daisie so quickly.” 

Well, its because I gave birth to her.Maisie raised her brows

Nolan took a step forward and leaned down to give her a warm kiss on her forehead. “Our children are mature because they have a mom who knows them well.” 

He cupped her cheeks. Its a shame that I couldnt be there when you were giving birth to them.” 

Maisie smiled and held his hand. The past is in the past. Ill be happy if youll be there when Im old and in bed.” 

Daisie and Colton poked their heads out and saw how lovey-dovey their parents were

The next day, Saydie parked her car in the private rental zone

Maisie got out and looked at the crowd gathered there

She turned to say to Saydie, Lets go take a look.” 

Saydie nodded and walked toward the crowd. There was a police cruiser, and the person who made a report immediately walked forward. Officers, finally, this way.” 

He brought them toward the area. The crowd didn‘t know what had happened, so they were discussing

What happened here?” 

I heard that the landlady died. I saw her going to the market this morning and even greeted her. Who would‘ve known that she would be stabbed to death on her way back? Thats so scary.” 

Maisie and Saydie looked at each other. They wanted to take a look at Lindas home but didnt expect to walk into a murder scene 

The police officers walked down with the victims family, who was crying. The police officers gave their condolences and were going to leave when one of them noticed Maisie

He walked over. Mrs: Goldmann, why are you here?” 

Maisie smiled and replied, “I’m here to take a look at Lindas home, but I wasnt expecting this to happen.” 

The officer was surprised. Linda 

Vanderbilt lived here?” 

She nodded. Yes.” 

Linda Vanderbilt?The victims family member heard the name and walked over. It was the landladys son. That woman is our tenant and hasnt paid her rent for months. We couldnt get a hold of her. It must be her! She must have killed my mom!” 

The police officer rubbed his temple and calmly explained, Linda passed away a few days ago, so theres no way she did this

15 The man was startled, but his wife suddenly remembered something. Oh! A woman came to see my motherinlaw about Lindas 

room yesterday.” 

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