The Three Little Guardian Angels by Ginger Bud Chapter 1306

Chapter 1306 

Maisie frowned. What kind of a woman?” 

... Im not sure about it. I was taking care of the kid at that time, so I wasnt looking. I just heard her voice. She said that shes Lindas friend and that shes here to help Linda get her stuff.” 

The wife of the deceased thought for a moment and continued. My motherinlaw received $300 when she came back. She told me that that woman gave her a tip, and my motherinlaw was delighted.” 

Inside the car... 

Maisie leaned against the back of the seat with her arrns crossed in front of her chest and fell in deep thought

Is the woman who came to Lindas house 

Maxine? If its her, why did she come to Lindas place? To find or to destroy any evidence?‘ 

The landlady had been killed today, and Maisie felt that it was too coincidental. It seemed to her that an invisible hand was manipulating everything from the dark

It was as if the mysterious woman named Maxine was trying to destroy all the evidence against her. The SIM, the things in the residence, and the landlady who had met her

If she was behind all these incidents, she was nothing but a monster

At that moment, Quincy called her. Maisie answered the call, and Quincy said, Mrs. Goldmann, weve found something about Maxine.” 

At Blackgold... 

Maisie came to Nolans office, and before Quincy could say anything, she flung her purse on the desk and supported her arms on the desk to look at Nolan. Maxine should still be in Bassburgh.” 

Nolan lifted his eyelids and nodded. He turned the monitor toward her, and there was a complete profile information of a certain woman on the screen


When Maisie saw the womans photo on the screen, she was stunned. How.. How is this possible!?

Maisie froze and found it difficult to believe it. This was because Maxinehad the same face as Sue, the woman Rowena had burned to death

Nolan had looked into Sues death certificate. He found that the death certificate had not been made public or even canceled

This was because after Rowena had killed Sue, she pretended to be her family and claimedher remains. However, instead of going to the police station and deleting Sues information, she lived on with her identity


However, Rowena had died in the sea. The identity of the dead was supposed to be discarded, be it Rowena or Sue.

Thereföre; she couldnt understand why this woman named Maxine would appear on Sues profile

She looked at Nolan in astonishment and asked, What on earth is going on?

Quincy kept his head low as he replied,Mr. Goldmann and I were shocked. The user of the SIM is clearly Maxine, but the information I got from my men in Stoslo belongs to Sue. Not only that, but she also graduated from Turner Institute of Art, and her parents information is exactly the same as Sues.

As Quincy was talking, he rested his chin on his hand and continued. Could it be that Sue and Maxine are twins?” 

Maisie rubbed her temple and said, If theyre twins, why did Maxine not show herself when Rowena pretended to be Sue?” 

Quincy was stumped. Indeed, this was strange

Sue had died in a fire, and Rowena had pretended to be her family to claim her remains. As her twin sister, why did Maxine only show up now

And why had Maxine approached Linda? What was her purpose

Nolan chuckled deeply and shattered the dense atmosphere

Maisie and Quincy looked at him, and he said slowly, I found a problem that was overlooked at first, and now I finally understand 


What problem?Maisie asked

Notan looked at the profile on the screen and continued. Adrian didnt suspect Rowena when she pretended to be Sue becaus



both of them had the same height.” 

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