The Three Little Guardian Angels by Ginger Bud Chapter 1308

Chapter 1308 


Yeap.Cecile rested her chin on her palm.I‘m sure you know what shadow means, right, Mrs. Goldmann? It means she can only live under the light of other people. She will forever be that persons accessory. Everyone knows about Sue, but no one knows that Sue has a sister named Maxine.” 

Maxine and Sue were twins. However, her mother preferred Sue over Maxine from childhood. This was because Sue had been the most outstanding child in her mothers eyes

Sue had good grades since she was a kid, but her sister, Maxine, was totally opposite of her. Their mother had kept comparing 

Maxine to her sister. Whenever their relatives or other guests visited them, their mother would only let Sue come out to receive the guests, and she would lock Maxine up in the room

After all, in her mothers opinion, Maxine was an extra. She was a disgrace to their family

After graduating high school, Maxine had not been accepted into the Turner Institute of Art. Instead, Sue had been accepted into the college of her dreams

Sue had been aware that studying at Turner Institute of Art was her sisters dream, so she gave the opportunity to Maxine. In the end, Maxine had entered the Turner Institute of Art with her sisters identity and became Adrians student

However, things had not gone as smoothly as they had expected Fearing that her sister would expose herself and their mothers rage, Sue had helped her sister finish her assignments and even attended her examinations. She had not given Maxine a chance to perform at all

With those papers, Sue had become an excellent student in the eyes of those professors, including Adrian, and Maxine was able to enjoy the benefits as well, thanks to Sue. However, for Maxine they were impressed by Sues talent, not hers. In the eyes of the teachers and students, they only knew Sue. They did not know her at all

Maisie lowered her head. It seemed to her that Nolans speculation was correct

Maxine was Adrians student. It was just that she had been using Sues identity

However, she wondered why Cecile knew so much about the things between Sue and 


She put her coffee down. Since you know Maxine, that means Maxine is in Bassburgh now, right?” 

Cecile laughed. “Is she? Im not so sure about that.” 

Maisie looked at her silently. However, there was still a smile on her face. After a short while, Maisie rose to her feet and said, Thank you for your story, Ms. Wolfsbane. Ill pay for the coffee.” 

Maisie picked up her purse and walked toward the counter

Cecile was still sitting on her seat, sipping on her coffee. She looked at Maisie, and the smile at the corner of her lips slowly disappeared

When Maisie got back into the car, Saydie turned her head around and asked, What did that woman tell you, miss?” She told me an interesting story.Maisie looked at the coffee shop through the window. Ask Quincy to keep an eye on her. She isnt simple.” 

Even if everything she had said was the truth, as the third party, it was really strange that she knew so much about the things between the twin sisters. Not only did she know she was Sues colleague in Luxella, but she also knew that Sue had been burned to death

If it were Maxine who told her everything, then how did Maxine know that she knew Sue? After all, she and Sue had just been colleagues. Other than in the company, they would seldom talk to each other, so there was no way Sue would tell Maxine about 


Therefore, Cecile must be hiding something about Maxine from her

In the afternoon, Maisie placed her hand on her forehead and looked absentmindedly at the table. Her phone rang and pulled ner out of her thoughts. She picked it up, and it was a call from the police station. Maisie and Saydie came to the police station, and the police officers told them that they had found the abandoned vehicle of the proprietor

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