The Three Little Guardian Angels by Ginger Bud Chapter 1310

Chapter 1310 

Tanner looked at the crumpled photo and set his jaw tightly

At night, Maisie was doing the financial report in her notebook on the bed. When Nolan came out of the bathroom, he put the towel he used to wipe his hair aside and walked up to her

The bed sank, and a warm body approached her from behind. Before she could do anything, she was enveloped by the fragrance of the body shampoo

Are you still working, Zee?he asked

She turned over and placed her palm on his chest. Of course, Im busy. I have to bring work home.” 

Nolan kissed the center of her eyebrows before moving on to her lips. She groaned and reached out to hug him. Nolan.” 

I’m here,he replied as he deepened the kiss

Maisie opened her lips with difficulty and said, I don‘t feel comfortable if we cant find out the relationship between Cecile and Maxine. It seems to me that Maxine is coming for me.” 

He stopped and glanced at her face. Maisies eyelashes trembled, and she continued, Lindas death might be related to the person who wanted to poison me. I wasn‘t dead. Her plan failed, so Linda was killed.” 

Nolan stroked the corner of her lips with his finger, and his breath was heaving.Has it never crossed your mind that they might be one person, Zee?One person?Maisie asked

Nolan sat upright. The desire was slowly gone from his eyes, leaving nothing but coldness behind. I asked Quincy to keep an eye on her, so I know everything she did in Blackgold. She was absent from work on the day of Linda‘s accident.” 

Maisie turned around and sat up. She knew what Nolan was trying to say. Cecile had left the company when Linda ran into the accident

Suddenly, she thought of something and asked, How about the day before yesterday?” 

Its the same,he replied

Maisie pressed her lips thin and lowered her head. The day before yesterday, someone had visited. Lindas place. The wife of the landladys son had said it was a woman, and everything fell into place. Cecile, who had been absent from work when Linda ran into the accident and who had visited Lindas place the day before yesterday, was Maxine

In other words, Maxine had changed her face and her identity, but why did she do that? 

There was no feud between her and Maxine

Nolan cupped her cheek and went closer to her. Zee, no matter who she is, Ill expose her true form. I dont care about other people, but she should never try to harm my family.” 

He pulled her into his arms, and when Maisie felt how nervous he was, she chuckled and whispered into his ear, With you by my side, I’m not afraid of anything

Noles my love.” 

Really?Nolan giggled. He kissed her lips and said, I thought you were going to cry because you‘re too scared.” 

Maisie turned around and pinned him under her. She untied her belt, and her silk dress fell off her body We still dont know who will cry in the end yet.” 

A chuckle escaped from Nolans lips as he held onto Maisies waisi. Seems like someone is asking for some punishment.” 

The night was getting darker and darker. The dew turned into a layer of fog on the glass window. The figures reflected in the window were blurry and filled with emotion

The next day, at the police station..

The police officer handed the repaired phone to Maisie

Maisie hastily checked the messages as soon as she got the phone, and just as she expected, the messages when Linda ran into the accident were still on the phone

Maisie returned the phone to the police officer and said, Thank you.” 

Suddenly, she thought of something and pulled a document out of her bag. She might be the one behind the incident, but I havent figured out her true identity, and we dont have any evidence to prove that shes the culprit yet.” 

The police officer took the document and read through it. He lifted his head and said, Thank you for your information, Mrs



Chapter 1310

Goldmann. We‘ll look into this womans background.” 

When Maisie came out of the police station, she got into her car and drove away. A black car that parked not far away auickly followed after her

While Maisie was driving, her face sank when she thought about the possibility of Maxine being Cecile. It seemed to her that sh had a lot of grudges against Sue and her mother when she told her the story in the coffee shop that day

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