The Three Little Guardian Angels by Ginger Bud Chapter 1311

Chapter 1311 

She was clearly the party involved, but she was able to make herself sound like an outsider calmly, making it impossible for others to doubt her.‘ 

Maisie took a glance at the rearview mirror and frowned slightly

Isn‘t the car behind the one parked outside the police station?‘ 

The other party suddenly accelerated, overtook her car, and was now driving right in front of her car

At that moment, Maisies front wheels broke abruptly, and the front of the car got out of control. When it was about to hit, Maisie had to turn the steering wheel quickly, and the body of the car sk dded into a sign by the roadside

The sudden impact left a highpitch hum echoing within her head, and her vision turned blurry as she stared at the vehicle that stopped right next to her car for a few minutes and then drove away

Meanwhile, at Blackgold... 

Nolan and Quincy came out of the conference room. After Quincy answered a phone call, he caught up to Nolan immediately. Mr. Goldmann, Mrs

Goldmann has run into an accident.” 

Nolans expression changed. He instantly tore off his tie and went with Quincy with a grim face

Cecile, who was walking behind them, had just received a call too. The moment she saw the metal doors closed, the corners of her lips could not help but rise.

Youre planning to run a background check on me? I wont allow it to end so soon.‘ 

In the nursing room of the hospital, a nurse bandaged a small gauze on Maisie, instructed her not to drench her wound, and then went out


Maisie rubbed the gaúze. The wound was on the brow bone, so it hurt a lot when she frowned. At that moment; Nolan appeared at the door of the ward. Maisie was astonished, and looking at Nolans dimmed face, she immediately knew that he was furious

She stood up and walked toward him. I was careless this time around. Ill be more careful next time.” 

Nolan creased his brows. You want this incident to happen again?” 

It wont happen again, I promise.Maisie took his hand and stared at him with a sincere expression

Nolan lifted his hand and gently caressed the wound on her brow bone. He was afraid she would feel pain, so he did not dare to rub it. He then took a deep breath and retracted his hand. Wheres Saydie?” 

I thought I was only heading to the police station, so I didnt ask her to accompany me. I didn’t expect someone to have the guts to rig my car when it was parked outside the police station.Maisie smiled, raised her hand to rub her forehead, and thought of something. I wrote down the other partys license plate number and asked the police to trace the car for me.” 

Nolan hugged her and said in a deep voice,Remember, no more acting by yourself in the future.” 

Maisie pressed her cheek against his warm chest and smiled. Okay.” 

At the Goldmann mansion..

Nolan carried Maisie into the mansion, and Alfred, the butler, was stunned when he saw the injury on Maisies forehead.Whats the matter. Madam?” 

Something happened, so were moving back here for the time being.After a brief reply, Nolan passed by Alfred and carried her upstairs. He then put her on the bed when they came into the room

The moment Maisie touched the mattress, she pulled the blanket to cover herself and asked in a low voice, Is this really necessary?” 

Nolan responded with a light hum, sat on the bed, and looked at her. Otherwise, my heart wont be able to handle it.

My heart was about to stop the moment I heard about Maisies accident. Id rather die if I have to experience that a few more times‘ 

Maisie chuckled

At that moment, Quincy called

Hannigans Inc. is the person who ordered him to do so.Tanner Hannigan?Maisie was astounded when she heard what Quincy said. How could it be Tanner?

Nolan did not avoid her either by answering the call right in front of her.Have you found something?” 


Rati UNI







MATE Estrada 


Hannigans Inc. is the one who ordered me to do so, so go to him. I just did what I was paid to do.

Quincy sounded suspicious. The other party said that Tanner Hannigan of 



Quincy played the recording of the mans confession. Mr. Hannigan from 

Quincy replied, Tve managed to find that person, but.. Hearing him pause, Nolan frowned. But what?” 

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