The Three Little Guardian Angels by Ginger Bud Chapter 1312

Chapter 1312 

Nolans eyes became stern and cold. He hung up the call and turned to look at her.Be good and wait for me here.” 

He then got up and went out

Maisie leaned her back against the head of the bed, and she fell into a daze when the door closed

Tanner wouldnt make a move on me for no reason. This matter is getting stranger and stranger. Whats the reason behind all 


Nolan and Quincy brought some men to Hannigans Inc. directly

Their stance and grandeur seemed to have petrified the staff members at the front desk. They then called Tanners assistant immediately after returning to their senses

The assistant was a little confused when he received the news. He was about to report the incident to Tanner, but the moment the metal doors of the elevator opened, Nolan had already walked out of it

He glanced at the assistant expressionlessly. Is Mr. Hannigan int: 1

The assistant nodded. Yes...” 

He slowly undid the buttons on his sleeves and followed Quincy straight to the entrance of Tanners office. Quincy then knocked on the door and pushed it in

Tanner lifted his head and seemed a little surprised. He put the documents down. Is there something wrong, Mr. Goldmann?” 

Nolan walked to the couch, sat down on his own, and crossed his legs. Ive come here to ask you something

Tanner got up, walked around the end of his desk, and sat across from Nolan.Whats the matter?” 

Nolan looked at Quincy, and the latter stepped forward and handed a voice recorder to Tanner. Upon receiving it. Tanner glanced at the gadget and turned on the recording

After listening to the recording, Tanner was momentarily dumbfounded, and his eyebrows could not help but crease. He only lifted his head after a long time. I dont know anything about this.” 

Tanner seemed to remember something and added, However, a woman did come to me yesterday.” 

Quincy was astonished. What kind of woman are you talking about?I dont know. She had photos of Pearl being abroad. She told me Pearl will only return to me when Maisie dies.Tanner replied calmly

Quincy looked at Nolan in surprise as Nolan frowned. Do you believe her?” 

Tanner exchanged glances with him. The person that I believe is Pearl. She didn’t leave me because of Maisie. I know this better than anyone else.” 

Regardless of Maisie dying or not, Pearl would never return to me. I‘m not dumb. The woman came to me with Pearls photo for a reason, so how could I take action so rashly without knowing her purpose and identity

But I didnt expect that even though I didnt do anything, the blame would still be placed on me

Quincy placed Ceciles information on the table. Is the woman her?” 

Tanner was slightly startled and frowned.Thats her.” 

Nolan stood up at this time, and he suddenly stopped before he was about to leave the office. Tanner, I think you should acknowledge a fact first.” 

Seeing that Tanner was puzzled, Nolan turned to look at him. Since this woman knows what happened between Pearl and Maisie in the past, it means that shes done her homework. And if she can show you pictures of Pearl, perhaps...” 

Tanners expression changed slightly, and he stood up abruptly. Are you saying that Pearl isnt safe?” 

Nolan had something to say but chose to keep it to himself. Although its just a hypothesis, you shouldn‘t rule out the possibility of this outcome. You should know what to do.” 

When Nolan left the office, Quincy followed him and whispered while they were on their way out, D*mn it! How could that woman know so much? Even if its to avenge her younger sister, she mustve found the wrong person.” 

Even if Cecile is truly Maxine Reynolds, Maxine has been living in Stoslo all this while. How could she know about the incident that started the grudge between Pearl and Mrs. Goldmann that took place a few years ago? She even managed to locate Linda. This woman is terrifying

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