The Three Little Guardian Angels by Ginger Bud Chapter 1313

Chapter 1313 

Even if shes investigated Mrs. Goldmann before this, its impossible for her to know everything down to the very details as if shes very close to Mrs. Goldmann. Besides, if Maxine wants to avenge Sue Reynolds, the person that she should hate should be Rowena because Rowena was the one who killed Sue. So, why would she make Mrs. Goldmann her primary target instead?‘ 

Nolan stopped in front of the elevator, fastened his buttons while listening to Quincys mumbling, and turned to look at him. This isnt an act of revenge.” 

The elevators doors opened at this moment. Quincy followed Ndian in and pressed the floor button. He could not help but wonder. What is it if its not for revenge? Shes doing so just for fun?Nolan laughed. If what you want is revenge, will you end the other party directly?” 

Quincy paused for a bit. Thats for sure. However, what I do must be permitted by law.” 



Thats it.Nolans expression looked meaningful and profound. If all she wanted were to take revenge, she wouldve killed Zee directly, but all shes done so far is either hire someone else to harm Zee or lay her fingers on the people around Zee. Thus, rather than looking at this and saying that its an act of revenge, it looks more like she‘s playing with her prey

Its just like when a cat is hunting its prey. It usually doesnt swallow it in one bite. It will wait for its prey to slowly lose its ability to fight back while playing with it. Thats when the cat will treat its prey as food


Quincy was stunned, thinking that it was indeed very suspicious

‘If her target had always been Mrs. Goldmann, she would have a better chance at it if she joined Soul rather than Blackgold, but she chose to join Blackgold instead

If Linda was killed because she wanted to cover up her identity, why would she take advantage of Mr. Hannigans feelings for Pearl. And if she wanted to kill Mrs. Goldmann, she wouldnt have only punctured her tire

If its said that people who want revenge are extremely scary, then what level is Cecile at?‘ 


Back in the car, Nolan instructed Quincy,” Get someone to look into the relationship between Sue and Maxine when they were both living in Stoslo and Maxines traces over the years. Also, get someone to ask Mr. Kestner about her. He should know her the best.” 

At the Goldmann mansion... 

Maisie walked into the study and saw Alfred sorting out the books on the bookshelf. Thus, she asked, Why are you suddenly sorting out the books?” 



Alfred glanced back at her and responded with a smile. Mr. Goldmann Sr. said that there are too many items on display on the bookshelf, so its time to sort it out. Many of the books displayed here are books from the past, and we dont even have enough boxes to store them now. After all, bookshelves have to be freed up from time to time to make space for some new books. Maybe the young lady and young masters will need some space on the shelf in the future.” 

Maisies gaze stopped on the back of a photo frame placed on the top of one of the boxes. She picked up the photo frame and turned it over:It was a photo from the old days. In the group photo, the young man sitting in the middle had the facial features of a mixedrace man, and she recognized him almost instantly. Is this Grandfather when he was young?” 

Alfred glanced at the photo frame in her hand, stopped what he was doing, and answered, Yes, its a photo of Elder Master Goldmann and the Summers.” 

Maisie was startled. The Summers.... As in Rowenas grandparents?” 

Alfred nodded. He claimed that besides Rowenas grandparents, the other boy standing right beside Titus was Rowenas father, Tyson Summers, and the young girl in the upper left corner, who was standing next to the matriarch of the Summers back then was Tysons fiancee, Lorraine Wolfsbane

Maisie looked at everyone in the old photo. Although the photo was yellowish and blurry, the facial features of the people could still be seen, and Lorraine looked somewhat similar to Rowena

Maisie smiled. Mr. Summers and Mrs. Summers had been arranged to marry each other since they were babies, so their relationship must be close, right?” 

If I was not mistaken, Rowenas full name is Rowena Wolfsbane Summers. Her parents named her after both their last names, so it seems that the relationship between her parents was rather good

Unexpectedly, Alfred sighed at that moment. Their relationship Inight seem close, but in reality, Mr. Summers didn‘t like his fiancee at all.” 

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