The Three Little Guardian Angels by Ginger Bud Chapter 1315

Chapter 1315 

Titus had chosen to believe in Rowena over and over again back then only because he wanted to give Rowena the opportunity to change for the better. In fact, it was not that Titus did not doubt Rowena, it was just that his prejudice against Maisie and his stubbornness made him turn a blind eye to the facts

No one would deny that Titus had always been kind and benevolent to Rowena, but what he did not know was that his kindness was also the force that drove Rowena toward the sins that she comrnitted

Maisie leaned on his shoulder. If she had a complete and happy family, perhaps...” Perhaps she wouldn‘t have grown into someone that extreme.So, youre a strong woman.Nolan interfupted her with a smile and held her cheek in his hand. At least youve grown into a kind and considerate woman.” 

She taughed. At least my mother loved me very much.” 

Although her father and mother had not gotten together because of love, her mothers love for her was sincere and genuine

She thought of something and looked up at him. By the way, you didnt go to confront Tanner, did you?” 

Nolan responded with a faint hum. This matter has nothing to do with Tanner, but Cecile has approached him because she wants to use him to harm you.” 

Maisie pursed her lips. Its because of 


The only thing that can be used to manipulate Tanner should be related to Pearl

He laughed. Youre quite smart. Thats why I asked Tanner to stay put for now when it comes to this matter.” 

Ive always been Ceciles target.Maisie stared straight at Nolan But she hasn‘t come at me directly, not even once. It seems that shes been playing a game of cat and mouse with me.” 

Nolan laughed out loud. Are you planning to fight back?” 

Otherwise, everything thats happened so far makes me seem so passive.Maisie flattened the collar of his shirt and 

approached him. Dont all good hunters usually appear as the prey at first?” 

Nolan supported her neck gently with his palms, bowed his head, and kissed her on her forehead. The premise is that youre not allowed to get hurt again.” 

She buried herself into his shoulder and exclaimed, This was really an accident!” 

Nolan stroked the top of her head with a smile. Thats why you should be even more vigilant starting now, and what do you plan to do next?” 

Maisie raised her head. Then TH need your help, Noles.” 

Two days later, gossip about Tanner of Hannigans Inc. taking revenge on Maisie was spreading like wildfire within Blackgold

I heard that Mr. Hannigan made a move on Mrs. Goldmann because of what happened to Ms. Santiago back then. Thats so terrifying.But didnt Ms. Santiago and Mr. Hannigan terminate their engagement long ago? Why would Mr. Hannigan retaliate against Mrs. Goldmann for Ms. Santiago now? Thats so strange.” 

Who knows? Mrs. Goldmann seems to have suffered a lot of grievances. The two seemed to have quarreled when she came to see Mr. Goldmann this morning. To be honest, this is my first time seeing Mr. and Mrs. Goldmann make such a big fuss.” 

The discussion between the two female staff members in the pantry just happened to be overheard by Cecile, who was passing by. Cecile stood at the door and peeped in through the gap in the door, and the corners of her lips twitched coldly

Nolan quarreled with Maisie? This was really out of my expectations. Arent the two of them Bassburghs model couple? Its so easy to create conflict between the two of them... Heh, sure enough, all men change after marriage

Maisie, oh Maisie, youre really a pitiful woman. And Rowena, allow me to help you out, Ill make sure you get to see how the man you loved so much falls into the abyss just like how your father did

At the administrative office... Nolan kicked Quincy out of the office. All the staff of the administration department witnessed the misery that Quincy was in and did not dare to even breathe

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