The Three Little Guardian Angels by Ginger Bud Chapter 1316

Chapter 1316 

Quincy had a sad expression. He was actually very impressed with Nolans acting, but that was too much. How could he kick him 


Cecile suddenly showed up next to Quincy, Mr. Lawson.” 

Quincy turned to look at her. He was surprised but then smiled. Ms. Wolfsbane, Mr. Goldmann is in a bad mood. I’m afraid that he wont be able to focus on work.” 

The woman must have heard the rumors in the company, so shouldnt she take the chance to annoy Maisie

The Goldmann couple had put on a performance because they wanted to give Cecile another chance. If she thought that Nolan wouldnt stand on Maisie‘s side, then she would have her chance 

Why was she there? Did she have another plan

Oh?She pretended to be troubled. But theres something that I need to talk to Mr. Goldmann about. Could you help me, please

Quincy scratched his chin. Hmm... Ill have to ask him, but I cant promise anything.

She smiled. Sure.” 

Quincy knocked on the door when Nolans cold voice could be heard. Didn‘t I ask you to get lost?Quincy lowered his head, Mr. Goldmann, Ms. Wolfsbane says she has something to speak to you about. Could you,” 

It was quiet for a moment. Let her in

Cecile didnt expect Nolan to want to see her, so she was secretly proud but quietly snapped back

After getting his approval, she walked into the room, and the moment Quincy closed the door, he went to the stairwell and called Maisie

Maisie took the call and found out that Cecile had gone to see Nolan. She wasnt upset but instead smiled. Let Nolan find out what her motives are then.” 

Quincy was surprised. Ma’am, arent you worried that the woman has bad intentions?” 

Maisie stood in front of the windows and looked at the building in front of her. She cant do anything to him. Is she going to devour him? Don‘t worry. Nolan isnt someone that can be forced into doing anything.” 

Quincy was rendered speechless

Meanwhile, in the office..

Cecile looked at the papers scattered all over the floor, then at the man sitting on the chair with the back facing her

Nolan rapped his fingers on the armrest but didnt turn around. Yes?” 

Cecile smiled, picked up the papers, walked to the desk, and arranged them into a tidy pile. Mr. Goldmann, you shouldnt be angry with your wife even if you disagreed. She is, after all, the woman that you love. Even if there was a misunderstanding, you should try to get to the bottom of things.” 

Nolans rapping stopped, and he swirled the chair with no expression. This was what

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