The Three Little Guardian Angels by Ginger Bud Chapter 1317

Chapter 1317 

Nolans eyes were hard to read. So, you think that benefits are important, right?” 

Cecile smiled and said, Everyone who runs an empire would be interested in benefits.She walked forward and leaned closer. If my husband was a businessman, I would support his choices. A woman who cant even resolve a conflict isnt a good wife.” 

Nolans expression was hard to read when he looked at her and was quiet

Cecile stuffed a lipstick into his coat pocket and smiled seductively at him. If you trust me, I can be like Mr. Lawson and help you

Nolan laughed. Sure, if youre so confident, I can give you a chance.” 

Cecile stood up straight and smiled. I wont let you down.” 

After she left, Nolan took out the lipstick, threw it into the trash, and then wiped his hand with a napkin

Quincy walked in. Mr. Goldmann, what did she want?” 

She isn‘t just after Zee.Nolan stood up, walked to Quincy, and patted his shoulder.” This is going to be a long performance, so we need to find out what she wants as soon as possible. Shell follow you around as your assistant, so keep an eye on her.” 

At Soul… 

Maisie paced around her office, and after a short while, Saydie walked in and said something in her ear. She was a little surprised. She requested to work close to Nolan?” 

Saydie nodded. Quincy said that she isnt just after you. Her bigger goal might just be to ruin your marriage.” 

Maisie suddenly smiled. I guess that argument we acted out gave her a chance, but that was great.She crossed her arms, stood in front of the desk, paused, and said, At least were secretly watching her.If Cecile kept hidden, she would be able to conceal her motives, and they would only be able to react since they don’t know what kind of person she was yet and her motives

Now that she had a chance to approach Nolan, it wouldnt be bad for them. Cecile was happy that she was able to come in between her and Nolan. If she believed them, she would have fallen into their trap

This time, Maisie was going to work with Nolan and slowly expose who Cecile was. Cecile working as an assistant became news in Blackgold, and the people who didnt know thought that there had been a crack in Nolan and Maisies relationship

They were more convinced because Cecile was beautiful. Everyone said that Nolan must have been bewildered for falling for a newly hired employee. However, whenever the staff saw Maisie, they knew that something big was going to happen and were ready to watch the drama unfold

Maisie got into the office and saw how close Cecile was with Nolan when they were speaking, and she snapped. Theard that you have a new assistant. I was wondering who it was, and it turned out to be this woman.” 

Nolan looked at her with no change in expression. Why are you here?” 

Why cant I be here? Youve been cold to me ever since our argument.Maisie slammed her bag on the desk, and the pen that was on the files fell to the floor. She ignored it and walked closer Why? Have you fallen for this woman?” 

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