The Three Little Guardian Angels by Ginger Bud Chapter 1318

Chapter 1318 

Nolan loosened his tie and calmly said, No

Cecile saw that Maisie was upset, so she tried to explain, Mrs. Vanderbilt, its a misunderstanding,” 

This is none of your business.Maisie glared at her

Cecile was happy when she saw that. How could you suspect him? Were just working together, and youre his wife. You should trust him.” 

Maisie stared at her face and chuckled. What? Are you feeling bad because of this? You knew that I‘m his wife, but if I didn‘t show up just now, youd probably be in his arms already.” 

Nolan almost smiled, but he kept his composure. Zee, go home 

Maisie yelled, Must you keep this woman around!?” 

Nolan frowned. This is my office. Dont make a scene here.” 

Cecile was relieved when Nolan said that, so she continued. Maam, this isnt Soul. Its Blackgold. Please understand” 

Maisie slapped her across the face when she almost finished

Cecile turned her face over and looked at Maisie in disbelief. Maam” 

Maisie approached her. Who do you think you are? All the women who tried to get close to my husband have lost to me, and even you wont be as good as lam.” 

Cecile put her hand to her face and looked like she was wronged Maam, thats a huge misunderstanding.” 

At that moment, Nolan said, Maisie, stop it, go home.” 

Maisie looked at him, Youre chasing me away?She angrily picked up her bag.Alright, dont let me find out that youre doing something behind my back. And you, I wont let you get away with this.” 

She turned and left without looking back

The moment the door closed, Cecile looked toward Nolan, who looked calm, so she didn’t say anything but instead took a step back, Mr. Goldmann, itd be best if you explained to her.” 

Nolan opened up a file with no expression.” Theres no need. I can‘t spoil her too much.” 

Cecile didnt say anything, but the corners of her lips curled slightly upward

Rowena Summers failed because they were madly in love, but now that theyve been married for so many years, their relationship is no longer as hot. Too bad that she wasnt able to live long enough to see this

But Cecile could

In the garage...

Maisie sat at the back of the car and touched up on her makeup. She probably believes us 100% now.” 

Quincy, who was in the passengers seat, turned to look at her with a huge grin.Daisie definitely got her acting skills from the both of you. The entire company is going to be talking about this tomorrow.” 

Thats perfect.Maisie put her mirror away and looked up, How would it look real if that didnt happen?” 

Saydie, who was in the drivers seat, looked at Quincy. You can leave now.” 

Quincy didnt know what to say. Was he just a tool that could be summoned and pushed away when needed

When he was getting off, Maisie called out to him. People would be suspicious if you just went back like that.” 

Quincy paused. What should I do then?” 

Maisie smiled and looked at Saydie, who understood her. She suddenly curled her finger, asking Quincy to come closer

Quincy suspiciously leaned in, and then Saysie gave him a big punch on his left eye, which made him yelp in pain. Why did you have to do that!?” 

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