The Three Little Guardian Angels by Ginger Bud Chapter 1319

Chapter 1319 

Maisie leaned closer and couldnt help but laugh when she saw his black eye. Im sorry, Quincy, we have to make it look believable. Saydie did pull back.” 

Youre all devils!Quincy angrily got out of the car

After that incident, a lot of people believed that Maisie and Nolan were breaking up, and the rumors even got to Nicholas

When Nolan got home, he was summoned to the study

Nicholas slammed on the desk angrily.” How dare you, you rascal?” 

Alfred had told Nolan about this, so he knew why his father wanted to speak to him. He rubbed the bridge of his nose.” 

Dad, its not what you think.” 

What then?Nicolas knocked on the desk.Nolan, you begged Zee to marry you, but now that you have her, youre not even appreciating her?” 

Nolan was feeling more and more helpless. I told you, its not what you think.” 

What else then-” 

Nicholas looked at the things that were on the desk and finally picked up a book to throw at him

Maisie suddenly rushed it. Dad, hold on!” 

Nicholas was in a throwing position but stopped when he saw Maisie. Don‘t try to help this bast*rd. Ill skin him for betraying you

Maisie held back her laughter and walked in front of Nolan. Dad, listen. It really isnt what you think. We did this... for a reason.” 

A reason?Nicholas calmed down and placed the book back on the table. I would like to know the reason.” 

Maisie explained everything to him. After clearing everything, the anger on Nicholasface disappeared. He glared at Nolan. “Is that true?” 

Nolan smiled sadly. What else? I wont betray the wife I worked so hard to marry.” 

Nicholas was quiet

Maisie walked behind him and gave him a shoulder massage. Please dont be angry, Dad. Its our fault for not telling you about it earlier.” 

I‘m relieved if its not true.Nicholas sighed but remembered something and looked at Nolan. Who is this Cecile?Nolan frowned. Im not sure. We dont have a lot of information about her.” 

Nicholas rubbed his temple because a headache started

However,” Nolan slowly added, Her actual name is probably Maxine Reynolds. We can know more if we find out who Maxine Reynolds is.” 

Nicholas paused and looked up. Maxine Reynolds?” 

Maisie and Nolan both looked toward him.Do you know her?” 

Nicholas shook his head. No... I don’t.But he was deep in thought

Nolan and Maisie looked at each other when Quincy suddenly popped up, Mr

GoldmannWhen he saw that Nicholas was there, he nodded. Youre here, sir.” 

Nicholas asked, Whats the matter?” 

Quincy looked at Nolan, who then nodded, so he continued. People from Stoslo said they have information about the sisters, Sue and Maxine Reynolds.” 

Meanwhile, in Stoslo..

A group of men in black rushed into a residence while a handsome young man sat in the car parked in the yard. It was none other than WayionWayne Goldmann

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