The Three Little Guardian Angels by Ginger Bud Chapter 1320

Chapter 1320 

Even though he was just 13, he was already 59. He looked exactly like the handsome protagonist of a TV series when he was in his uniform

The men in black searched the residence, and after a long time, one of thern rushed to the car with something in hand. When Wayion lowered the window, the man said, Young Mr. Goldmann, we found this box.” 

Wavion took the box and opened it. There was an old bronze pocket watch that could be opened up. There was a picture about the size of an inch inside

Arow of men in black stood in the yard of the Goldmann Court, and when they saw Wayion walking over, they courteously greeted him, Young Master Goldmann.” 

He walked between them. Wheres Grandpa?” 

One of the men replied, In the study.Then he brought him to the study

Wayion walked in, and Titus looked up, who was going through some documents.Wayion, how can I help you?” 

Nolan placed the pocket watch on the desk, which made Titus pause. He picked up the watch carefully. Where did you find this?” 

Quincy asked Gur men to look into a woman named Maxine Reynolds. Shes here and is a threat to my mother. Now that I have the power, I must remove anyone threatening my mom.Titus suddenly fell quiet after hearing his answer, and he looked at the Watch

In the evening, at the Goldmann mansion..

aisis a found

Nolan lifted her chin. Thinking about 


She nodded and lažily leaned into his arms. Even though we can confirm that Cecile is Maxine, I dont understand why she would change her looks and come over.” 

Nolan put his chin on her head and looked at something in the distance. We have to force her to expose her intentions.” 

Maisie looked up. Force her?” 

He nodded, ran his fingers through her hair, and smiled. Ill be the bait. She seems to be very interested in me.” 

Maisies smile faded before she suddenly pushed him away and looked away. You just have to say that she likes you.” 

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