The Three Little Guardian Angels by Ginger Bud Chapter 1321

Chapter 132

My Zee is being jealous right now.Nolan chuckled as he pulled her back into his arms. But unfortunately, youre just worrying for nothing.” 

She was stunned. Nothing? What do you mean?” 

The smile on his face deepened as he said,You think she likes me, but after I‘ve given her so many chances, she didnt make any advances on me. Apparently, she isnt interested in taking me away from you.” 

She squinted. Could it be that youve lost your charm since youre old now?” 

Nolan did not know whether he should be laughing or getting angry right now. What are you thinking about? Do you really want her to make advances on me?Maisie chuckled. Jokes aside, if he really allowed Cecile to get any closer to him, she would skin him when they got home

Maisie leaned against the back of the chair. I cant believe that she isnt interested in you, but dont you think it’s strange if her objective of staying by yourself is to sow discord between us?” 

Nolan leaned closer and rubbed the corner of her lips with his thumb. So, its time for the show that she has been looking forward to.” 

Maisie looked at him as a plan surfaced in her mind

The next day, at Blackgold..

Cecile came to the office as always. Just when she was about to knock on the door, she heard Quincys voice. Mr. Goldmann, are you insane? Youre going to get a divorce with Mrs. Goldmann?‘ 

Nolan closed the contract and said, Thats the only way now. Otherwise, she will keep on coming here and making a scene. In the worst case, she can have custody of the kids.” 

Quincy raised his voice and said, But, have you forgotten that you wanted to get a divorce with Mrs. Goldmann in the past? Are you not worried that she might jump off a building or something if she learns you want to get a divorce again?” 

Nolan squinted

What a surprise. Hes a better actor than lam

Someone knocked on the door, and Quincy went forward to answer the door. When he saw Cecile, he said, Youre early, Ms


Yeah, Im sorry. Im not interrupting anything, am I?Cecile smiled

Nope.Quincy moved to one side to let her in. When she put the document on the desk, she saw the divorce papers on the desk. She faked her surprise and said, Mr. Goldmann, are you...” 

Nolan did not say anything

Quincy came over and tugged at her as he said, Dont ask anything you shouldn’t be asking. Go back to your workstation.” 

Cecile nodded. Okay.” 

After she turned around and went out of the office, she frowned

Is it true that they‘re getting a divorce?‘ 

Cecile went to the fire escape stairwell and made a call. Help me check if its true that Nolan and Maisie are getting a divorce.After she had ended the call, a hint of coldness crossed her eyes 

Theyre getting a divorce so soon? It seems to me that they don‘t love each other that much either. But if its true, I can get twice the result with half the effort.” 

At Private Middle and High School..

Daisie went to the next class to look for 

Lisa. She wanted to go to the library with her, but Lisa was not in the class

She asked one of Lisas classmates, but the student hesitated to tell her Lisas whereabouts. She averted her gaze and replied, Lisa, she...” 

Daisie was stunned. What happened to her?” 

The student said in a low voice, A few seniors took her away.. 

Meanwhile, on the rooftop..

Several high school girls pushed Lisa to the ground. They snatched her bag away and gave it to the longhaired girl who seemed to be their leader

The longhaired girl wore light makeup, and she was the vice president of the student council. She took over the bag and poured everything in it onto the ground

Sitting on the ground, Lisa bit her lips

The girl crossed her arms in front of her chest and gazed across the new and expensive stationery on the ground. It seems to me that Daisie is pretty nice to you. She even gave you such expensive stationery.” 

Because she thinks Im her friend,Lisa replied

A girl walked over and gave her a slap across her face, causing her head to turn sideways

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