The Three Little Guardian Angels by Ginger Bud Chapter 1322

Chapter 1322 

The longhaired girl approached her and looked at her in a condescending manner.You think Daisie treats you as a friend, so you consider yourself a princess? Let me tell you something, you can change your appearance, but you can‘t change the fact that youre poor. Being poor isn‘t your fault, but you shouldnt take other people‘s belongings to show off.” 

Lisa clenched her fists tightly

The girl squatted in front of her and grabbed her wrist. She looked at her watch and continued. Look, you can afford a $3.000 watch because youre Daisies friend. Does she know about your Vanity?” 

Lisas shoulder trembled. She lowered her eyes and said, Im not that kind of person Youre not? You have the nerve to say that in front of me.The girl went closer to her.I know all of your secrets.” 

Lisas face turned pale


When Daisie arrived, she saw Leah was dragging Lisa

Lisa was sitting on the ground, so Daisie went forward and pushed Leah away.Didnt I already tell you to stop bullying Lisa?” 

Leah clicked her tongue and said, Daisie, I dont understand why you have to be so nice to her. Given your status, you can have all the friends you want but her. She isnt your friend. Are you not worried that she is cheating you?” 

Lisa bit her lips tightly

Daisie helped her to get back on her feet, and Lisa said, Im not cheating Daisie.” 

Leah laughed coldly but did not say anything

Daisie guarded Lisa behind her and looked at Leah. I know my own friends. I dont need you to tell me what to do. I don‘t want to see you bothering her again in the future!

In the TUTI 




After that, she brought Lisa away







When they were at the bottom of the building, Daisie turned around to look at her. Are you alright? Why does Leah have to be so mean and keep bullying you?


Lisa shook her head and forced a smile on her face. Im fine. Maybe she... She doesnt like it that Im your friend.” 





Idye. DalSIET

Its none of her business what kind of friends I have,Daisie replied as she stood with her arms on her waist. If she comes to you again, youve got to tell me, okay?” 

Lisa nodded. Thank you, Daisie.” 







After Lisa finished speaking, she thought of something and asked, Umm... Do you believe what Leah said? If she... Would you believe her if she said that I became your friend because of money?” 


Weve known each other for so many years. Of course, I believe in you.Daisie pinched her cheek. Dont think too much. I dont care about status when it comes to making friends, okay?” 

Lisa smiled

Suddenly, Daisie saw that Lisas clothes were dirty and said, Your clothes are dirty. Youll be scolded by your mother when you get home, right? Why don‘t you change into my clothes after school ends later?” 

Huh?Lisa was stunned. All of the clothes that Daisie wore were designer clothes and expensive. No, I think. You already gave me your watch. I cant ask you for anything else.” 

Its okay. Were friends.She grabbed Lisas arm. Lets go to the library.In the afternoon, Cecile received a text message saying that Maisie had gone to the attorney. The person even sent a photo to her

When Cecile saw the photo of Maisie coming out of the attorney firm, she replied, Okay.” 

In the meantime, Maisie leaned against the car door and looked at the text message sent by Cecile. After that, she turned her head around and looked at the man who Saydie had tied up. There was a sock in the mans mouth and bruises on his face

She walked up to the man and said, Just as I expected. Youve been following me for a long time, haven‘t you?” 

The man turned his head sideways decisively

Maisie stored the phone in her purse and said to Saydie, Bring him to Glitz.” 

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