The Three Little Guardian Angels by Ginger Bud Chapter 1323

Chapter 1323 

Saydie nodded. She grabbed the man up from the ground and shoved him into the car

In a private room of Glitz..

A group of bodyguards was beating the man. His hands were cuffed, so he couldnt fight back. The group of bodyguards only stopped when Maisie appeared

She walked to the couch and took her seat

She then looked at the man lying on the floor in a battered state.Youre the one who ran Linda over, right?” 

The man remained silent

At that moment, the bodyguard said,Maam, this kid is tough. Should we continue to beat him?” 

He wont speak even if you beat him to death.Maisie smiled. There are many other ways to make him speak other than beating him.” 

Youre right, Maam,the bodyguard said as he scratched his head embarrassingly

Maisie stood up and walked up to the man.Cecile.. Oh no, I should call her Maxine. It seems to me that you two are rather close. You aren‘t working with her for money only, are you? You arent from Bassburgh. You came here with her from Stoslo. The fact that you can avoid the police means you have some skills.” 

She stopped in front of the man and looked down at him. Youre pretty good at fighting, so its safe for me to say that you‘re a professional, right? Unfortunately, youre still no match for Saydie.” 

The mans face contorted in rage as he said through gritted teeth, If you want to kill me, just do it!” 

Maisie took a glass of wine from the table and splashed it on the mans face without any hesitation. The man was stunned

Looking at him, she threw the glass onto the carpet and said, Im not the one who should decide if you should die or live. You killed Linda as well as that innocent landlady, so Ill leave that decision to the judge.

Seeing the changes on the mans face, Maisie leaned closer and continued; Don‘t worry. Maxine is the mastermind. Just like you, she’ll be sent to prison as well. There is a possibility that shell face a more severe punishment than you.It‘s me! I‘m the one who did it!the man shouted hysterically. He tried to get up from the floor, but the bodyguards did not allow him to. He continued to shout helplessly, This has nothing to do with her! Im the one who did it! Im the mastermind!. Maisie straightened her body and looked at him calmly. As long as you turn yourself in, I promise you I wont do anything to Maxine.” 


The man was stunned and then harrumphed: Why should I trust you?” 


Our n

Well, it depends on you. After all, youre in our hands now Maisie crossed her arms in front of her chest and smiled with raised eyebrows, Its geing to be a breeze if I want to take Maxine down.” 

The man did not say anything in return

In the meantime, Cecile was making coffee in the pantry

Suddenly, she received a text message on her phone. When she read through the text message, her face turned grim

He has turned himself in? What the h*ll is going on with him? Could it be that theres a change of plan? Was he busted?‘ 

Cecile left the pantry. She entered the fire emergency exit and called another number. Brian may have been busted. Go to the pier now and meet me there.” 

Cecile walked to the parking lot and left in her car

Sitting in front of the monitor, Quincy watched as Cecile drove away from the parking lot. He turned his head around to look at Nolan and said, Saydie has captured her subordinate. She thought her plan was busted when she received the news that her subordinate has turned himself, but what she doesnt know is that Mrs. Goldmann released the news.” 

It occurred to them that Cecile was truly decisive, and it would be difficult to find her once she escaped

After all, she hadnt revealed her true identity yet. This was all possible thanks to Maisies plan. Since Cecile was trying to sow discord between them, they just needed to use divorce as bait to lure her into their trap

Besides, she would definitely send someone to find out whether the news was true or false. Therefore, Saydie had been hiding in the dark and waiting for her chance to strike. That was what had happened in front of the attorney firm today

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