The Three Little Guardian Angels by Ginger Bud Chapter 1325

Chapter 132

And that kind older sister of mine. Im grateful that she gave me the opportunity to study at the Turner Institute of Art, but in reality, she still thought that I was inferior to her. She was worried that I would bring disgrace to her, so she told me what to do in my studies. Whenever my teacher complimented me, theyd be dalling her name. I hated her. I hated her more than anything in this world

Therefore, when Rowena burned her to death, I was finally free. I didnt have to live as her shadow anymore.” 

Maisie felt a chill down her spine when she heard what she said. She took a deep breath and asked, What do you mean by telling me this?” 

You still dont know, right? About Sue‘s death,Cecile laughed, Why do you think Rowena could kill Sue? Even when a living person is in a deep sleep, they will wake up nonetheless during a fire due to the smoke. You guys think Rowena started the fire after killing Sue? Well, you are wrong.” 

Maisie felt a tingle on her scalp. Sue had died during a fire. They all had been under the impression that Rowena had started the fire to destroy the evidence that would point at her for killing Sue

When Maisie had gone to look at Sues place, the house owner had said that the door was locked from the inside. Now that she thought about it, she realized that they had overlooked one thing

If Rowena had started the fire after killing Sue, she would not have needed to lock the door

After all, Sue was dead. By the time the fire 

was put out, she would have already been charred and unlikely to be alive. Locking the door of the room from inside would only 

arouse more suspicion

At that moment, Ceciles calm voice wafted into Maisies ear. This is because I killed her through Rowenas hands.” 

Maisie was stumped. What?” 

She laughed heartily and sounded as if it was something that made her happy. Ive always wanted to kill Sue, so I put a sleeping pill into her water. I could start my plan when she fell asleep after taking the drink.

But then, shortly after I left, I saw a woman sneaking into Sues room, and I wanted to see what she was going to do. I didnt expect that she was going to set her on fire. I couldnt be happier that someone did this for me, and when she escaped, Ilocked the door from inside to ensure that Sue would die. Even if she could wake up midway, it would be too late

Besides, what if others suspected me? Im not the one who set the fire. I just locked the door while I was on my way out, right?” 

Maisie pressed her lips thin and gnashed her teeth. Youre insane.” 

I always thought I was insane too, but I was forced to do it, so now I want to do something even crazier. Mrs. Goldmann, guess where I am now.Cecile laughed triumphantly

Abad feeling rose in Maisies heart, and she asked, What do you mean?” 

Cecile looked toward the private school and took a look at her watch. School session is almost over, right? Im really curious how you would react if something 

were to happen to your daughter or son when theyre on their way home.Maxine!Maisie hastily got into the car.Leave them out of this!” 

Youre the one who said Im insane, and theres nothing an insane person wouldnt dare to do.Cecile continued to taunt Maisie. I can do everything that Rowena did. Do you think she lost at your hands? No, she lost at the hands of a man. Shes stupid, just like my mother. She cared about nothing but those heartless men. If not, do you think shed die under the sea? After all, shes someone I look up to.” 

Before waiting for Maisie to say anything, she ended the call

Maisie looked at her phone, and a bad feeling rose from her stomach pit. She said to Saydie, Quickly! We need to go to school right now!” 

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