The Three Little Guardian Angels by Ginger Bud Chapter 1328

Chapter 1328 

The blood was drained from Lisas cheeks and limbs, causing her to look extremely pale and feel cold in her hands and feet

Must lask Daisie out? But am I going to betray Daisie? Daisie is my friend! 

Seeing her hesitate, Maxine let go of her, straightened up her posture, and gave off a cold gaze. If you dont want to do so, then do you want to die on her behalf?” 

A sentence was all it took to frighten Lisa to the extent of sobbing. But... But I...” 

But what? Friendship is the most fragile thing in the world. Shes the daughter of the regal Goldmanns, and her life is worth more than yours. Do you think its worth it for you to die for her?” 

Maxine squatted and gently stroked her hair. Young girl, sometimes, people sacrifice all their interests and bottom lines to survive, including their friends


If you dont want to sacrifice your friends, you can only sacrifice yourself. Do you want to live or die?Maxine grabbed her hair all of a sudden, Speak!” 

Lisas scalp was in pain, but she did not dare to cry out loud. ... I want to live.Maxine smiled in satisfaction and dragged Lisa closer to her: Thats more like it. Ill take you back to your school tomorrow, and you must sure the daughter of the Goldmanns out at all costs. And if you dare escape...” 

Maxines expression turned ruthless. THI kill you.” 

Lisa nodded obsequiously, and her tears kept gushing down

Maxine turned around and looked at the two men. Keep an eye on her. If she dares to escape, Ill break your legs.” 

The two men grinned. Dont worry. With us watching her, she wont be able to escape.” 

After Maxine left, Lisa cowered in the corner and sobbed in a low voice. She was so scared that she felt both distressed and agonizing deep down. She did not know why she had to go through these things. She did not want to betray Daisie

But she was afraid

Outside the window, there was only the silent and boundless night sky. Lisa did not dare to sleep through the nightshe could only stare into the darkness and wait for the dawn

The next day, at the Private Middle and High School

When Daisie and Colton came to the school, several bodyguards came with them. The bodyguards watched as they entered the school and did not leave after that but stayed where they were

Colton waited for Daisie to go in first, then turned back and came to one of the bodyguards. Dad must have asked you to follow us around. Did something happen?” 

The bodyguard paused for a split second and loweredhis head to answer him,Young Master Goldmann, this is what Mr. Goldmann wants. There might be danger in the near future.” 

Colton pondered for a bit and walked back into the school without uttering a single word

When the bell that signified the end of the first period rang, Daisie went to the next classroom to look for Lisa but was told that Lisa had not come to class

Daisie was astonished. Is Lisa sick and has asked for a medical leave?” 

The classmate replied, I dont know. The teacher didnt elaborate much. Anyway, I didnt see her in class today.” 

Daisie stood in the corridor with a bewildered expression

Why didnt Lisa come to school? Could it be because of what happened yesterday?‘ 

She picked up her cell phone and called Lisa. No one answered the first call, but she got through on the second try

Lisa, why didnt you come to school? Are you sick?Daisie asked thoughtfully

Lisas voice sounded a little stiff. NoNo, Im on my way to school now, Daisie, can you come out and pick me up later?” 

Daisie felt that something was wrong. Are you alright?” 

I’m really fine.Lisa’s hands trembled so badly that she could only hold them tightly together. I’m arriving late, and Im afraid of being scolded. I‘m sorry, youll come out and pick me up, wont you?” 

Seeing that she was about to cry, Daisie smiled helplessly. Okay, then call me when you arrive. Ill go out and pick you up. Don


worry. If the teacher wants to see you, Ill explain everything to the teacher for you

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