The Three Little Guardian Angels by Ginger Bud Chapter 1329

Chapter 1329 

Yeah.Upon hearing what Daisie said, Lisas tears rolled down. But Maxine had already cut off the call before she could say anything

She handed Lisas cell phone to the man sitting in the front passenger seat, turned her head to look at Lisa, who was weeping softly right next to her, and patted her shoulder with a smile. Dont be afraid, arent you friends? If youre friends, shell understand your actions even if youve betrayed her.” 

Soon, Daisie received a call from Lisa, who was currently waiting for her at the parking lot outside the school

She ran to the school gate but was stopped by one of the bodyguards. Young lady, where are you going?Im going to pick up my friend.Daisie pushed the bodyguard away

Nonetheless, the bodyguard managed to block her way. You cant go out. Mr

Goldmann said that both you and the young master cant leave before school is over without his permission.” 

What do you mean?Daisie was a little pissed off. Im just going out to pick my friend up and bring her to her class. She got here late, and shes afraid of being scolded. Shes my friend, and I cant just sit back and watch!” 

Seeing that he still refused to let her through and was still standing in her way, Daisie stood with her arms akimbo. Are you going to let me through or what!?” 

The bodyguard lowered his head, but his expression was unchanged. Young lady, please dont make things difficult for us.” 

YouJust as Daisie was about to say something, Colton appeared behind her


Daisie ran up to Colton, grabbed his arm, and harassed him. Colton, I want to go out to pick Lisa up, but they wont let me through . Please help me to get them out of my way!” 

Colton frowned. Even if Lisa has asked you to pick her up, you can still wait for her here. Theres no need to go out.” 

Daisie was stunned for a moment. She was so worried about Lisa that she had forgotten about that. She quickly picked up her phone and called Lisa

After the call was connected, Daisie said,Lisa, Im waiting for you at the school‘s gate. Come over here.” 

The man turned on the loudspeaker. Lisa looked at Maxine cautiously when she heard Daisies warm voice...

Maxines eyes turned cold, and her gaze was fixed on the few men standing right next to the school gate in the distance

She then signaled the man to hang up the call

Lisas gaze looked saddened, and she became more and more nervous

Maxine looked at Lisa, clicked her tongue, and scoffed. Look, that girl that you call your friend doesnt even care about your safety.” 

Lisas face turned ashen

Daisie was surprised by the abrupt end of the call. She tried to call back, but Lisas phone had already been turned off when she called again

She turned around. Colton, could something have happened to Lisa? Shes turned off her phone.” 

Colton held his chin, thought about everything he had seen and teard so far, and grabbed Daisies hand suddenly.Come, lets go to the computer room” 

Colton and Daisie came to the computer room to borrow a computer. He then operated the computer skillfully and used advanced software to track Lisas phone through its GPS location

Sure enough, the phone was on the move, and it was leaving the school at high speed

Daisie was even more worried. Colton, has something really happened to Lisa? She doesnt usually turn off her phone!She thought of Lisas voice when they were talking over the phoneit sounded very strange

Colton responded with a hum. Maybe.” 

Then what should we do? Did Lisa get kidnapped? Colton, we have to find a way to save her!Daisie could not stay calm anymore , Lisa was her friend and was in danger, so she could not just ignore her

Colton turned off the computer and stood up. We cant act rashly. We can only tell Dad about this.” 



At the police station..

Maisie sat on the bench in the corridor and waited patiently. After a while, a police officer came to her with all the documents. Maam, the criminal has confessed, and the trial will be held at the end of the month. In addition to the intentional homicide hit and run, the other party has also entered the country illegally. As for the judgment, the court will provide us with a verdict.” 

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