The Three Little Guardian Angels by Ginger Bud Chapter 1330

Chapter 1330 

Maisie stood up. Thank you for the hard work.” 

The police officer responded, You’re welcome. Its thanks to you, maam. Youre the one whos able to convince the criminal into a confession.” 

Maisie smiled

Rather than saying that Ive convinced him into a confession, I believe it sounded more like a threat. It seems that this man is extremely loyal to Maxine. Hed rather take on all the charges than implicate Maxine

Maisie left the police station and sent a message to notify Yorick. After all, she had promised her uncle she would inform him of the result

As soon as she got into the car, her cell phone rang, and her eyes dimmed when she glanced at the caller ID

She picked up the phone and answered it but did not speak

The other party giggled. Maisié Vanderbilt, you should be very thankful that your daughters fine.” 

Maisie remained calm and composed.Maxine Reynolds, what do you want?” 

Don‘t even think you can force me to give up just because I cant leave town. Maisie Vanderbilt, you do care about your daughters life. Other parents would care about their childrens lives too, wouldnt they?” 

Maxines words startled her for a short moment, and she frowned. What are you planning to do this time around?” 

Maxine laughed. Your daughters friend is with me. Whats her name? I cant seem to remember it well. Oh, its Lisa, isnt it?” 

Maisie remembered her

Shes Daisies friend

Maisie bit her lower lip. Youve kidnapped an innocent child just to threaten me?” 

Yeah, You said you wouldnt implicate innocent people, but your daughter has already gotten one person implicated. If your daughter hadn‘t lent her clothes to her friend, causing my men to mistake her, she wouldnt have fallen into our hands, would she 

If she dies, its you whos caused it. Maisie Vanderbilt, the fact that an innocent child died because of your daughter will surely haunt your conscience for the rest of your life, hahaha.” 

Maisie‘s expression changed suddenly, and she was about to say something when Maxine cut off the call abruptly

Saydie looked at her worriedly. Maam.” 

Maisie took a deep breath. Maxine kidnapped an innocent girl, and we must rescue the child. Contact Nolan for me, and Ill track Maxine down.” 

Saydie was worried. Are you planning to go there alone?” 

Ill go first. You can follow me right after this. Dont worry, Ill be careful.After 

laying out her plan, Maisie pushed open the door and got out of the car

Maisie stopped a taxi and left in it. She then picked up her cell phone and called Maxine, Lets meet. Ill be alone.Maisie took a taxi to the suburbs and asked the driver to let her off on the side of the road

When the driver left, she glanced at the van parked across the road

Two men brought her to the abandoned factory, her hands were tied, and her cell phone had been confiscated

Maxine came out of the factory. You actually have the guts to come and meet me by yourself. You mustve informed Nolan long ago, havent you?” 

Maisie smiled. Youre holding on to an innocent girls life. Wouldn’t you kill her if I were to inform Nolan beforehand?” 

Maxine walked to the side, took a packet of cigarettes out of her handbag, and lit herself a cigarette. That may be the truth, but it wont matter much if Nolan is here.She held the cigarette with her fingertips and puffed a mouthful of smoke. What can he do to me when you and that girl are in my hands?” 

Maisie asked calmly, “Where’s the girl?” 

Why do you care so much when shes not even your daughter?Maxine walked up to her. Is it possible that a girl whos not related to you by blood is more important than your own life?” 

Maisie stared at her. This is a matter between us. It has nothing to do with the girl. You have me now, so let her go.

Maxine laughed out loud all of a sudden and took a glance at one of the men. The man nodded, walked into the factory, and brought Lisa out

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