The Three Little Guardian Angels by Ginger Bud Chapter 1331

Chapter 1331 

However, after seeing how miserable Lisa looked, Maisies expression changed in an instant. What have you done to that child!?” 

Lisas skirt was stained with blood, her bruised face was so swollen that Maisie could hardly recognize her, and there were bloodstains on the corners of her lips too

She seemed to have been tortured, and her gaze looked absent, blank, and dimmed

The man only nudged her, and she could not even keep her feet under her body, lost her balance, and fell to the floor

Upon seeing this, Maisies jawline tightened, and the bottom of her eyes was dyed scarlet

All children were always extremely precious to their parents, and seeing a child suffer such abuse would make any mother lose their cool

Although Lisa was not her child, Maisie was still a mother. It was impossible for her to stay indifferent

Maxine chuckled even more happily, seeing the chill beaming from Maisies eyes as if she were about to tear her into pieces. Whats wrong? Are you feeling bad for someone elses daughter? You should thank her.

She approached Maisié. If it werent for her suffering everything for your daughter, the person who would have suffered all these right now would be your daughter.” 

Maisies bound hands were tightly tied, and her nails sank into the crevices of her palms. Maxine Reynolds, youre really out of your mind!” 

If Rowena were still alive, she would have done the same, wouldn‘t she?, Maxine pinched and extinguished the cigarette in her hand, and the cigarette b**t and ashes fell at Maisies feet. However, I had overestimated her in the past. A woman who only wants to get her man is destined to fail in the end. Her death was an inevitable fate.” 

Maisie looked at her expressionlessly. It is also yours:

Before Maxine could react, Maisie lifted her foot and kicked her abruptly

Maxine got kicked and staggered several steps backward. She would have fallen to the floor if the man had not supported her in time

Another man stepped forward and grabbed Maisie. However, Maisie bashed the bridge of the man‘s nose with the back of her head. The moment the man let go of her due to the pain, she caught him off guard by kicking him vigorously in the abdomen

Using the dagger hidden in her sleeve, she then cut the rope with her backhandevery movement looked neat and clean

Maxine roared at the man behind her,What are you standing here in a daze for!?

The man behind her returned to his senses and went after Maisie

Maisie lifted her hand to block his attack, but the brute force still pushed her back. Still, she managed to stabilize herself with her heels.

When the man went for his dagger, Maisie suddenly thought of the move that Logan had used to dislocate her shoulder when she went against her in the training camp a few years ago

The man’s attack was only inches away from her when Maisie quickly tripped him to the floor and dropped herself together with him. And while she was going down with the man, she did not forget to hold his arm, grab his shoulder, and pull it backward with all her force

A loud crack echoed, and the man yelled in pain

The other man pounced at her, bent his knees, and was about to kick her. But Maisie rolled away, quickly got up, and took the man s move headon

Maxine, who was standing on the side, looked anxious but laughed hysterically.Kill her! Even if she has a dagger, she wont have the guts to kill you, hahaha!Because of Maxines words, the man completely ignored the dagger in her hand. Maisie was forced into a corner where she could only defend herself. Upon seeing that she had nowhere else to fall back to, Maisies expression turned stern when the man pressed her against the wall and strangled her. At that point, she stabbed the daggers tip into his arm

However, the other party seemed to have gone into berserk mode and ignored the severe pain. Thus, Maisie turned the daggers hilt until his flesh was torn and blood gushed out of the wound, severing his tendons and muscles

The moment he felt the pain intensify and lost his grip strength, Maisie pushed him away, and the man fell palm first

The dagger went through his palm. He could not take it any longer and immediately started shuddering and screaming out of pain while kneeling on the floor and clutching his arm with his hand


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