The Three Little Guardian Angels by Ginger Bud Chapter 1332

Chapter 1332 

Maisie walked toward Maxine

Maxine laughed and raised the remote control in her hand with a frantic look. Idare you to take another step closer. Thats if you want to go down in pieces.” 

Maisie stopped, and her face darkened while looking at the remote control in Maxines hand

Did you think I didnt come prepared? Why would I allow you to come to me in the first place? Im not really worried about whether youll bring help here. Even if you were to get Nolan or the police here, I wouldnt let any of you escape this unscathed.She laughed smugly

Maisie took a deep breath and remained silent for a while. Did you plan to go down together with us?‘ 

After saying that, she pointed to the two injured men behind her. Those two almost died and another even went to prison for you. These peoples lives dont matter at all to you, do they?

Maxine looked indifferent. What do their lives have to do with me? They work for me only because of the cash. Hence, it goes without saying that they will take the fall for me after paying them, doesn‘t it?

Maisie gave off a cold smirk. Maxine, you keep saying that Rowenas ways of tackling things were superior to yours, but before what happened today, I realized that Rowena was actually inferior to you

At least, she had a conscience, and that was to treat the Goldmanns well. Even if she harmed innocent people, she had never really made a move against Nolan and the Goldmanns, the people who raised her. And you, not only did you want to kill Sue, your biological sister, but you even poisoned your mother, didnt you?

Maxines smirk gradually faded, and her eyes dimmed and turned ruthless. Youve even gotten to the bottom of that.” 

Yes, I know everything about you now.Maisie stepped forward

Maxine roared, How dare you come here!?” 

Maisie did not stop, so Maxine stepped back, and her hand holding the remote control trembled. Maisie Vanderbilt, have you decided to go down with us? However, dont forget that an innocent, poor child is still here. Whats the matter? Dont you care about her life?” 

Seeing that Maisie refused to stop and was getting closer and closer to her, she yelled,” 

Then lets go to hell together

She was in a frenzy and pressed the button on the remote control with a grim grin on her face

Unexpectedly, after waiting for a while, there was no trace of the explosives being detonated. As such, Maxine pressed the button several times in a row again and then stood in place in astonishment.Whats going on” 

Maisie raised her hand, smacked the remote control off Maxines hand, and slapped her face instantly without giving her any time to react 

Maxine gradually felt the pain in her cheek, her shoulders started trembling, and she laughed with bloodshot eyes

Maisie then gave her a backhand slap; and its force caused her to fall to the floor

She laughed hysterically once again, lifted her head, and glared at Maisie. Why dont you kill me? You dont have the guts to do so ,do you?” 

Maisie grabbed her hair, hauled her to Lisas side, and forced her to look up at her. Look at this girl and remember her. She looks like this now all because of you.She then turned Maxine‘s face the other way and pointed at the two injured men.And look at your men. Theyve suffered all : those injuries all because of you. Maxine Reynolds, youll get to live today because you must spend the rest of your life making up for your deeds. Youll have to atone for those you killed or hurt.” 

The sound of the sirens approached, and two helicopters hovered in the air

Soon, Nolan rushed into the factory with his men

Maisie helped Lisa up, and Lisa curled in her arms and trernbled, unable to utter a single word

The police had surrounded the scene, and the ambuiance arrived in time. The police officers sent the injured men to the ambulance, and Maisie also handed Lisa over to the medics

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