The Three Little Guardian Angels by Ginger Bud Chapter 1333

Chapter 1333 

After saying something to the police, Nolan walked toward Maisie, pulled her into his arms, and tightened his hug

Maisie sniffed the soothing fragrance on his body and chuckled softly. I knew you would get here in time.” 

He kissed the top of her head vigorously and sneered from the bottom of his throat. However, his tone sounded reproachful.You always take the liberty to act by yourself. You would‘ve been blown to pieces if I couldn‘t get here in time.” 

Maisie looked up at him: Its because I believe in you and Colton” 

While she was on her way to meet Maxine, Maisie received a call from Nolan, and Colton was next to him

They had managed to locate Maxine, so they had pinpointed the area where Maxine was at. As long as the area had network coverage, they could find out her exact location and the route she could use to escape

Since the place Maxine had not chosen a suitable escape route, she must have never planned to escape from the beginning and might have chosen to end things in a more extreme way

And that was to bring someone down together with her

Therefore, they had sent someone to the hotel where Maxine stayed and found a batch of remote device purchases that Maxine had made abroad, and included in the order were remotecontrolled explosives

Because the bomb that she had set up could not be detonated physically, the bomb could be detonated remotely through the network. Thus, as long as the network in this area was blocked, the remote control would lose its ability to detonate the explosives

Maisie had faith in Nolan and Colton, which was why she would bet that the bomb would not detonate when Maxine pressed the button on that remote control 

Nolan held her cheeks in his palms, not knowing whether he should be exasperated or amused by her. I really cant do anything about you.” 

Back at the Goldmann mansion..

Colton and Daisie were already waiting for Maisie to come home. When she returned home, the two of them hurried over. Mom! Daisie threw herself into her arms. I’m sorry, Mom! Its all my fault. I got Lisa embroiled in this incident. I shouldnt have let her wear my clothes.” 

When she learned she was the one that would have been kidnapped, she felt very guilty. After all, Lisa had been kidnapped only because Daisie had lent her her clothes

Maisie raised her hand, stroked her head, and said with a smile, It has nothing to do with you. You only wanted to help your friend , and no one could predict such a thing would happen.

Daisie cried out loud

Nolan walked up to her and rubbed the top of her head. Alright, youre a grown girl now, and youre still crying in your mothers arms. Weve rescued Lisa.Daisie wiped her tears. Then can I go and visit her in a few days?” 

Maisie paused for a bit and then redded.Yeah, your mother will accompany you to pay her a visit a few days later.” 

After the children went upstairs, Maisie turned to look at Nolan. How did you know that Maxines mother was poisoned to death by her?” 

I really wouldn‘t have known that if it werent for the information that Nolan shared on the phone. And Maxine actually admitted to doing so 

Nolan took her into his arms. That geezer found out about those old incidents.” 

The geezer that he referred to was his grandfather

Maisie was stunned

Nolan caressed her cheek with his palm. I told you about the cause of Uncle Summerss death the other day, right? Its said that he was killed by a knife when he ran into a robber abroad. But when the police looked into the old cases, the belongings in Uncle Summerss bag were not stolen.” 

So, the killer did not kill for his money.” Maisie looked at him

Nolan responded with a faint hum and continued. The other party didnt want his money, so it was obviously a premeditated murder. Besides, Uncle Summers had not offended anyone when he was abroad.” 

Maisie lost her composure. Could it be... Is it Maxine?” 



She recalled Maxines words, saying that she had avenged her

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