The Three Little Guardian Angels by Ginger Bud Chapter 1335

Chapter 1335 

The plaintiffs lawyer chuckled. The suspect who caused the death in the hitandrun pleaded guilty only because hes the defendant‘s scapegoat. Since he would take the blame for her, the confession that he gave can also be false.” 

The plaintiffs lawyer slowly stood up and handed in the documents

The documents were presented to the judge, who skimmed through them and frowned

This is the evidence of all the crimes committed by the defendant. How can a mentally ill person draw out each step of the plan so purposefully when she wasnt in her right mind and couldn’t control her own behavior? So, no matter who the defendant is, they cant be spared, and the premeditated actions dont constitute outofcontrol behaviors.” 

The judge looked at the defendant. Do you have any other evidence?” 

The defendants lawyer submitted two more pieces of evidence. All the premeditated behaviors that my client showed were due to multiple personality disorder, better known as dissociative identity disorder

My client suffers from severe mental illness and even has experienced a few personality substitution incidents before this because of the brutal assauit that she suffered when she was younger

Patients with dissociative identity disorder cant control their behavior when the other personality takes over, so even if my client committed a premeditated murder, it was committed by her second personality, not her true self.” 

Maisie pursed her lips when she heard the statement. Nolan noticed her hidden emotions and placed his hand on the back of hers

Maisie turned to look at him, and he gave off a grin that gave her great relief

Dissociative identity disorder, including a murder case carried out by a secondary personality, was indeed very rare, so rare that even the audience in the courtroom thought it was unbelievable

The defendants lawyer managed to completely distinguish and separate the defendants behavior from the behavior of her uncontrollable personality

After all, this was a crime associated with dissociative identity disorder, and the exact diagnosis provided by the hospital proved that the murder had been committed while the defendants secondary personality took over. Thus, when both conditions were met simultaneously, the defendants criminal responsibility would be exempted

Maxine glanced at Maisie, and Maisie was looking at her too. There seemed to be a hint of mockery flashing across her eyes as if she was trying to provoke Maisie by giving off a victorious gesture

The judge asked for the hospitals medical certificate to be handed to the plaintiff’s lawyer, who took a look at its content and frowned 

Nelan leaned over to the lawyer beside him and said something, and the lawyer nodded

The defendants lawyer said at this time,Since the criminal case was committed by someone who has dissociative identity disorder and the certificate issued by the hospital can verify that the defendant indeed committed premeditated murder under the control of her secondary personality, then the defendant should be exempted from bearing the criminal responsibility.The plaintiffs lawyer suddenly added,Wait a minute. One of the plaintiffs, Mr. Goldmann, has something to add.” 

The judge nodded

Nolan propped his upper arm against his chin and glanced at the defendant. Since the defendants secondary personality is the murderer that were looking for, I want to know whos the person standing here now

The audience was astonished

Even the defendants lawyer was stunned. Apparently, they had not prepared for this in advance

The judge continued, Maxine Reynolds, please answer the question.” 

No emotion could be seen on Maxines face. Im Maxine Reynolds. I dont know much about my second personality. I only know that her name is Cecile Wolfsbane.” 

Nolan smirked. Are you sure that youre Maxine Reynoids?” 

Maisie looked at Nolan in bewilderment

Why would he ask her about this?‘ 

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