The Three Little Guardian Angels by Ginger Bud Chapter 1337

Chapter 1337 

When the judge spoke to the defendants lawyer, the lawyer gave up on the defense. The moment Maxine heard the sentencing

she looked as if her soul had left her body, and when she was taken away, she couldnt walk by herself

Maisie and Nolan left the court. How did you find the evidence?She was surprised

Nolan touched her nose. Its all thanks to your son.” 

Wayion had found evidence in Maxines home, a pocket watch

There was a picture of Tyson Reynolds and a woman who was the mother of the twins. It showed the reason that Tyson had left: the family for a few years

On the way back, Maisie guessed that Tyson had ‘ 

met Sue and Maxines mother and had fallen in love

However, they could not be together even when they loved each other because Tyson was married, and even if he didnt love his wife, he felt sorry for her

The traditional ideology of marriage just tied them down. Since Lorraine Wolfsbane was. Tysons cousin, he hadn‘t been very keen on màrrying her but was forced to

After their wedding, they had just been a couple by name. After Lorraine gave birth, Tyson left and worked overseas

Tyson had felt sorry for Lorraine too because if not for this arranged marriage, she would have married the man she loved and built her own happy family

Lorraine had been an understanding woman and never questioned him, so he treated her well in return

Even when he left to work, he would bring gifts back for his wife and child, take care of the child, and love his wife as a husband. After meeting a woman who stole his heart, he never asked for a divorce from Lorraine.

Between marriage and love, he had chosen the former because of a sense of responsibility and not love. Even for the right person who had shown up in his life at the wrong time, he could only choose to let her down

Maisie didnt really understand, Why does Maxine hate her mother?” 

Maxine hated her father because he was the reason she couldnt have a complete and happy family. They had all been mistreated since they were without a father and her mother had gotten pregnant before getting married

But why would she hate her mother? Had she killed her mother because the latter loved Sue more than her

Nolan pulled her into his arms and played with her hair. She thought that her mothers negligence when she was young was the reason she had to go through her trauma. She felt that she wasnt important to her mother.” 

Maisie looked down. They’re both her daughters. How could she think that she wasnt important?” 

What Maxine had told her in the cafe was only from her perspective and how she saw her mother love Sue more

Some people liked to victimize themselves and complain to others to get some sympathy, but who would know the truth

Just like the videos online. Some were posted to create an illusion and a lie, but people believed them

Nolan smiled. When someones mind is made, its hard for them to see the good in others. That was how I felt about the old man too.” 

He meant Titus

He had been under the impression that T*tus hadnt sent someone to save his mother, but it was because Rowena had hidden the fact that his mother was kidnapped, and Titus had no idea. It had been too late when he found out. 

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