The Three Little Guardian Angels by Ginger Bud Chapter 1340

Chapter 1340 

Yes, Maam, my name is Daisie Vanderbilt.Daisie answered politely

Mrs. Fraiser walked to Lisas bed and said to her, You should bring your friends home. We thought you didnt have friends from school.” 

Lisa was still quiet

Daisie smiled and said, Ill visit after this then.” 

Mrs. Fraiser couldnt stop smiling. Great, youre very much welcomed. Hey, hows Lisas performance in school? I hope you can help her in the future.” 

Yes, I will.Daisie nodded

Lisa bit her lips and turned to her side. Im tired. I need to rest.” 

Mrs. Fraser was annoyed. You stupid girl, weve come all the way to visit you, but youre throwing a tantrum. Are you ashamed of your parents?” 

Honey, Lisa is in bad condition. Just let it go.Mr. Fraiser felt helpless but couldnt say much. His wife was the one who made most of the decisions at home

Was I wrong? She never brings her friends home and wont even let us go for the parentteacher conference. Why would she be ashamed of us?Mrs. Fraiser was angry

As a mother, she couldnt even attend her daughters parentteacher conference, and Lisa would be annoyed when they asked her to bring her friends home

Daisie heard what Mr. and Mrs. Fraiser said, then looked toward Lisa, who was in bed. She mentioned going to their home too, but Lisa wasn‘t too happy about that

She kept saying that her mother was very strict and wouldnt let her bring friends home, but it was actually the other way around. Daisie didnt overanalyze that. She thought Lisa was just afraid that her friends would think she came from a poor family. Daisie didn‘t care about the financial status of her family

At Morwichs Maple Lane..

Pearl was building a sand castle with her child in the yard. She had a son who was already two years old. His hair and facial features were really similar to his fathers

Mommy, look, a castle.The boy chuckled while pointing at the castle

Pearl touched his head and smiled. Youre so good at this.” 

A car parked outside their gate. Pearl looked up and froze when she saw the man who got out of the car

Mommy,The boy hugged her because he was afraid of the stranger

Pearl hugged him tightly while staring at Tanner, who slowly walked over, her heart pounding

Pearl...Kamala walked over, and her heart dropped when she saw Tanner. As such, she rushed forward. What are you doing here?” 

Tanner gnashed his teeth. Im here to see Pearl.” 

Why? She has a child now.After that, she pulled the child into her arms, afraid he would be snatched away

Pearl turned to look at Kamala and said

Mom, please bring Noa in.” 

Kamala thought about it and brought the child into the home. She didn‘t let Tanner see the child because she was afraid he would recognize him

Pearl stood in the yard with Tanner. Three years had passed, but Tanner had never looked for her

She calmly asked, Why are you here?– 


Tanner stared at her but didnt reply

Pearl felt uneasy under his gaze, so she turned around. Im going back in” 

Tanner put out his arms and hugged her from behind


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