The Three Little Guardian Angels by Ginger Bud Chapter 1341

Chapter 1341 

Pearl froze

Tanner hugged her tightly and lowered his head. He pressed his lips on the top of her head and said in a soft voice, Youve become thinner.” 

Before coming to her, he had imagined many different kinds of reunion scenarios. Would he go crazy and express his longing for her? Or would he try to stop at nothing to trap her by his side again

Countless thoughts flitted across his mind, but he was scared when he saw her

He was afraid of her rejection. He was afraid that she would hate him

Pearl stayed frozen stiff in his arms for a long while. She pressed her lips thin and 

pulled his arms away

Tanner,she said without turning her head back, What are you doing here? Theres no way we can return to how things were.” 

His heart skipped a beat, and he froze. Do you still hate me?” 

Not anymore.Pearl turned around to look at him. She forced herself to stay calm and said, Ive already let go of everything between us.” 

Tanner walked up to her and said, “But I can’t.” 

She was stunned for a moment, but she swiftly regained herself. Thats impossible, Tanner. For you; I‘m a blemish in your relationship. You and Sandy would have had a happy life without that marriage contract, so you hate me.Ive never hated you.Tanner stopped in front of her. He gazed into her eyes and continued. Hate is nothing but an excuse.‘ 

He pulled her into his arms and stroked her cheek with his palm. His breathing was becoming heavier as he said, Pearl, Im a jack*ss. By the time I realized how wrong I was, I had lost you. Ive been living in guilt for the past three years, and there hasnt been a day that goes by without me thinking about you.” 

Pearl turned her head sideways and added, I have a kid.” 

But you arent married yet.Tanners finger stopped on her lips. You havent been seeing any men for the past three years, and if you got pregnant that year, your kid should be this big already, right?’ 

Pearls heart skipped a beat, and she pushed him away. Tanner

Tanner took a step back. He looked at her but did not say anything

Pearl turned around and said, The kid isnt related to you. Don‘t come back to me anymore.” 

After leaving that sentence, she ran into the house without turning her head back, leaving Tanner to stand as stiff as a ramrod on the spot

The sky was getting darker, and soon, rain fell

Kamala looked out of the window with the kid in her arms. Tanner was still standing in the courtyard, and he was wet thoroughly 

due to the rain 

She looked at Pearl and said, Pearl, Tanner is still outside.” 

Although she did not want her daughter to have anything to do with the Hannigans, things would go bad for them if anything were to happen to him in the rain

Pearl was stunned and walked to the window

Tanner was standing in the rain. He refused to go away despite being wet thoroughly

Pearl turned away from looking. She was going to pay him no mind, but she did not know why she just couldnt do it

She grabbed an umbrella and went outside. She placed the umbrella on top of him. Water droplets were dangling on his eyelashes. His face was pale as the rain slid down his head, and his shirt was wet to the skin

Pearl couldnt help herself anymore and shouted, What the hell are you thinking? I already asked you to leave. Why are you not leaving?” 

Tanner smiled. Im not leaving.” 

Pearl felt something had stung her heart. She leaned the umbrella toward Tanner, allowing the rain to wet her shirt. 

Do you think you do this... Her eyes turned red, And Ill forgive you? Tanner, I wont forgive you. Ill never forgive you!” 

Tanner stretched his arms forward and pulled her into his embrace. I dont need your forgiveness.” 

He chuckled and added, I just want to stay by your side.” 

A tear fell from the corner of Pearls eyes, and she began to sob silently. Suddenly, she felt something fall on her, and Tanner slid down her body



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