The Three Little Guardian Angels by Ginger Bud Chapter 1342

Chapter 1342 


At Bassburghs Private Middle and High School 

Just as Daisie stepped into the classroom with her backpack, Leah and a few other seniors approached her

Daisie,” Leah called her out

She turned her head around and frowned.What do you want?” 

Leah had been bullying Lisa, so Daisie did not like them. She did not know how she became the vicepresident of the student council

Standing with her arms crossed, Leah said, There is something I want to tell you.” 

Daisie looked at her. What is it?Of course, its about Lisa.” 

If its about Lisa, then you can save your breath.” 

Daisie turned around and walked into her classroom. Suddenly, Leahs voice erupted. What if Lisa has been lying to you?” 

Daisie was stumped. She stopped in her tracks and turned her head around to look at Leah. What are you talking about?” 

Lisa has been lying to me? How is that possible?‘ 

Leah knew Daisie wouldnt believe her. She pulled her phone out and logged into her Kontact account

*Since you dont believe in me, then take a look at this yourself.” 

She handed the phone to Daisie. Look at the true face of your socalled friend.” 

Hesitantly, Daisie took the phone. She lowered her head to look at the screen of the phone. It was an Kontact account known as Princess Lizzie.” 

All the videos and photos she posted showed an extravagant lifestyle, and no one would be more familiar than Daisie with these photos and videos

All of the clothes, bags, shoes... Even watches and bracelets were presents Daisie gave to Lisa: The villas interior was obviously the Goldmann mansion, and she was certain that Lisa must have taken a picture of it when she came to her house last time. The luxury car with its license plate blocked off was also the private car that often brought her and her brother to and from school

Seeing her stunned expression, Leah laughed. Do you believe me now? Your best friend didnt tell you about this social media application, did she?” 

When Daisie did not say anything, Leah went closer to her and continued. Not only that, but she also poses as a rich familys daughter and shows off her wealth on this social media platform with these videos. Thanks to you, she has gathered quite some fans and become a celebrity on this social media platform.” 

Daisie knew that Lisa carne from a humble background. She was also aware of Lisas inferiority complex and willing to share good things with her. She would lend her clothes and bags to her so that she could be as confident as she was

Even though Lisa had not told her about these videos that she posted on the social media platform, Daisie was certain that Lisa was just afraid that she would get angry

When Leah saw that Daisie still did not believe her, she laughed. Daisie, oh, Daisie, are you stupid? Why would Lisa hide it from you if she considered you her friend?” 

Daisie was stumped. Thats because” 

Thats because youre rich. Youre the daughter of Nolan Goldmann. You never bother to look at the price tag of an expensive item, and although it isnt a bad thing to be generous to your friends, you have to look at who she is,Leah cut her short

The gap between you and her is as big as the sky and the ground. The vain nature of the poor is something engraved in their bones that cant be changed. Its because they cant have it that they want to show off

A friend who finds vanity appealing. Your generosity just happened to satisfy her hunger for vanity. You should cut ties with her when you still have the chance. By the time she finally reveals her true self and bares her fangs to you, it will be too late.” 

After Leah finished speaking, she left with her group

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