The Three Little Guardian Angels by Ginger Bud Chapter 1343

Chapter 1343 

Daisie remained petrified on the spot. She lowered her head and fell into deep thought. Even though she did not believe in everything Leah had said, she found her words difficult to digest

Is Lisa materialistic?’ 

She had known Lisa for years, so she knew her inside out. She was the one who willingly gave those things to Lisa, and Lisa had never asked for anything from her

Yes! Thats right. Lisa is certainly not materialistic!‘ 

In the evening, at the Goldmann mansion..

Daisie had been absent-minded during dinner

Maisie noticed something and asked,” 

Whats wrong, Daisie?” 

Nolan and Colton looked at her as well. Daisie came around to her senses and shook her head. Lisa will be discharged from the hospital in half a month.Maisie chuckled. Shouldnt you be happy that Lisa is finally discharged from the hospital? You can play with your friend again.” 

Daisie did not say anything and buried her face in her plate.

Colton looked at Daisie for a while but did not say anything.

After Daisie finished her meal, she got up and went back to her room upsta 

Nolan looked at the figure of his daughter and frowned

It seems to me that something is troubling 


Maisie was stunned. Is it?” 

Daisie was a teenager, so it was normal for her to encounter some problems. Maisie was just worried that Daisie would blame herself for what happened to 

Daisie had been living under the care of her, Nolan, and her brothers. She was naive and blamed herself for what had happened to Lisa. After all, if she had not changed her clothes with Lisa, things like that wouldnt have happened. She could also see that Daisie was trying her best to make up to Lisa. Maisie suddenly remembered the crazy stuff that Maxine had said. Honestly, she couldnt tell what would happen in the future, but she was worried that this incident would cause a rift in the friendship between Daisie and Lisa

After all, Lisa was innocent. They had mistaken her for Daisie because she was wearing her clothes. Maxine and her crew had brutally tortured her, causing her indelible psychological trauma

Colton put his fork down and stood up.Dad, Mom, I’m going to take a look at Daisie.” 

Maisie nodded

Colton went upstairs and entered Daisies room. He saw that Daisie was sitting on the bed with her legs in her arms, and she looked down. He walked over to her and sat on the chair. Did Leah and the others talk to you today?” 

Daisie was the only junior high student in the student council and was the disciplinary member of the entire intermediate year group, so he did know 

Leah. She was a classmate with Zephir in senior year

Colton,Daisie lifted her head slowly, She told me something about Lisa, but I dont believe her.” 

Colton crossed his arms in front of his chest. Since you dont believe her, why are you still upset about it?” 

But... What she said seems to be right. Lisa did hide something from me. Colton, shouldnt there be no secrets between good friends?Daisie said in confusion. She had never hidden anything from Lisa, and she would tell her everything

Colton frowned. It isnt necessary. There are secrets between friends too.” 

Daisie pressed her lips and nodded. Yeah, youre right. I must be overthinking. Lisa is keeping a secret from me, but it doesnt mean that she doesnt think Im her friend.” 


Colton did not say anything. He knew it was because of the incident, but it seemed to him that he had to look into the thing that Lisa had been hiding from Daisie

The next day, Colton went to the senior students building to look for Leah after arriving at school

Leah was studying in her class, and the female student beside her nudged her when she noticed Colton.

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