The Three Little Guardian Angels by Ginger Bud Chapter 1344

Chapter 1344 

Colton was the most popular student in the school aside from Zephir. Although he was just a junior high school student, he was as smart as a senior high school student

Leah turned her head around to look at Colton. She put the textbook down and walked up to him, Are you here to look for me?

Standing with his hands in his pockets, Colton asked, What is the thing about Lisa that you told my sister yesterday?” 

Leah was stunned. After a short while, she chuckled. Lisa? Did Daisie not tell you about it?” 

Colton frowned

Leah handed her phone to him and said

Why dont you look at it yourself?” 

Colton took her phone and took a look at it for a moment

There was no expression on his face, and Leah patted his shoulder. She went closer to him and said, Colton, I hope you dont mind me saying this. You should talk to your sister. Dont be the farmer in the Farmer and the Viper.” 

At the hospital, in the ward..

Lisa was trying to get down from her bed without using crutches. She could stand still right now, but she still felt some pain in her Tegs whenever she tried to walk

At that moment, Daisie arrived at the ward. When she saw that Lisa was walking, she hurriedly walked over to support her. Why did you get down from your bed, Lisa?” 

I want to see if I can walk or not. I dont want to keep staying on the bed,Lisa said

Daisie helped her sit on the side of the bed and said, But you can‘t rush it. You need to do it step by step.” 

Lisa sat on the side of the bed and looked at Daisie. Daisie, will you blame me?” 

Daisie was stunned. She asked dumbfoundedly, Why should I blame you?” 

When they asked me to call you out to pick me up, there was nothing I could do but follow their orders. I nearly betrayed you. Don t you hate me?Lisa asked

After hearing what she said, Daisie chuckled helplessly. Of course I am not blaming you. I know you were forced to do it:” 

Lisa finally felt relieved after what Daisie said. She kept her head low and continued. Its good to know that you don’t blame me.” 

Oh yeah, Leah came to me yesterday...

Seeing the change in Lisas expression, Daisie smiled. Dont worry. She told me that you have been lying to me, but I dont believe her. Even if youre hiding something from me, I can understand as well. Therefore, Im not going to ask.” 

Daisie said this to comfort Lisa

Lisa fell silent for a long while before parting her lips. Daisie, its true that Im hiding something from you, but you should know that my family is poor. Everyone else looks down on me in the school other than you.” 

Daisie nodded. I know, so I won‘t get upset with you.” 

Lisa forced a smile on her face. Thank you.When Tanner opened his eyes, the first thing that welcomed his vision was Pearl. She was resting on the side of his bed with her eyes closed

Pressing his lips thin, he propped himself up and approached Pearl slowly. He lifted his hand and stroked her cheek 

Pearls eyelashes trembled, and she caught his hand subconsciously. When she met his gaze, she was so startled that she jumped up. You are awake.” 

Tanner leaned against the bed, and his eyes showed a smile. Yeah.” 

Since youre awake, you should probably go back now.” 

Just when Pearl was about to leave, a little boy emerged from the door. He poked his head out and called Pearl out. “Mommy.” 

When Tanner saw the kid, he was stunned at firsi, and then he fixed his gaze on him

Pearl walked over and picked the boy up from the floor. Sitting in Pearls arms, the boy observed Tanner and suddenly said,Dadd

Tanners chest heaved up and down heavily when he heard the boy calling him Daddy.A strange feeling rose from the depth of his heart. He was not against this kind of feeling at all. Instead, he felt happy about it.

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