The Three Little Guardian Angels by Ginger Bud Chapter 1345

Chapter 1345 

Stop It, Noe,Pearl said after coming back to her senses. She patted her son

buttocks and continued. You should stop calling other people your father” 

She did not expect that her son would call Tanner Daddy.” 

Even though Tanner was truly his father, she did not want Tanner to know about it. She worried that Tanner might harm her son if he found out he was the kids father

The boy suddenly cried, Noa wants Daddy!” 

Pearl was stunned. She did not know what she should do when her son began to cry. When she thought about it, she was indeed not considered a competent mother in the past two years. Every time her son cried, her mother would help her to calm him 


Just when she did not know what to do, a figure approached her and took the kid away from her arms. A light chuckle wafted into her ears as the man said, Do you know that a man shouldnt cry?” 

Noah stopped crying and looked at him with teary eyes. Daddy.” 

Tanner held him in his arms and stroked his head. Yes, Im here

When Noah stopped crying, Pearl was so shocked that she froze

In the living room..

Noah refused to let Tanner go, and Tanner had been holding him 

Antonio and Kamala were sitting in front of him. Both of them had strange expressions on their faces, and the 

atmosphere was awkward

Kamala rose to her feet and smiled at Noah. Noah, come. Granny will carry you.” 

Noah shook his head, hugged Tanners neck tightly, and said, I want Daddy.” 

Kamala retracted her arms awkwardly. She did not know what she should feel right now. Noah had never seen his father before ever since he was born, yet he called Tanner Daddyas soon as he saw him

Antonio cleared his throat and said in a serious voice, Tanner, Im sure you know why Pearl left you that year. It has been so long, and Pearl has already gotten over it. Her mother and I arent going to poke our noses into the affair between you and Pearl. However, we wont help you either. Its up to Pearl if she wants to forgive you or not

Tanner lowered his head and said, I know. Im not asking for anything. I just hope I can do everything I can to make it up to her.” 

Hmph, make it up to her?Kamalas face turned grim. If you had known this, why would you have done it in the first place? Pearl has suffered so much because of you. After that incident, I sent her overseas so that she could forget everything, yet you cast her back in a bad light with just a few words.” 

Kamala became even more agitated as she continued. If you cant accept her, why do you still want to hurt her? If you didnt want to marry her, you couldve rejected it when we proposed the marriage. Not only did you cheat on her, but you also treated her with contempt.” 

Antonio went forward and asked her to calm down

Kamala harrumphed and turned her head sideways

Tanner was aware of the terrible things he had done to Pearl. He only found out that she was not as expressionlessas he thought her to be after reading her diary. She was not heartless. She was not cold. She just did not dare to show her true heart

She might look indifferent on the surface when he hurled those hurtful words and criticisms at her, but in reality, her heart was already riddled with holes

Therefore, he didn‘t dare to ask her for forgiveness


He looked at the boy in his arms and opened his tightly pressed lips. Im his father, right?” 

Antonio and Kamala did not say anything, but the answer was pretty apparent

Half a month later..

Lisa was discharged from the hospital, and this was also the first time Daisie went to Lisas house

Lisa was staying in an old apartment. The apartment had two rooms, a living room, and a standalone kitchen. There was a lot of stuff piled here and there in the apartment, making the whole room very packed and small.

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