The Three Little Guardian Angels by Ginger Bud Chapter 1346

Chapter 1346 

The furniture was all made of ordinary wood, which was much shabbier than the large Goldmann mansion

Mrs. Fraiser was very enthusiastic. Daisie, do stay back for dinner today, What do you want to eat? Ill go out and buy some ingredients to c**k something you like.” 

Daisie replied with a smile. Anything will do!” 

Thats good. Then Ill go shopping now.Mrs. Fraiser nodded and left immediately, but she did not forget to remind Lisa to entertain her classmate before leaving the house

Lisa brought Daisie to her room. Her room was much smaller than Daisies, but it still looked warm

The strange thing was that there was a doubledecker bed, but the upper deck had obviously been vacant for a long time as it had become a storage space for boxes of all sizes

Daisie sat on a swivel chair next to Lisas desk and asked, Lisa, does anyone sleep above you?” 

Lisa sat on the bed and lowered her eyes.There used to be someone, but theres no one sleeping up there now.” 

Daisie wondered. You have an elder brother or younger brother or something, dont you?” 

Lisa nodded

Daisie asked, Then why haven’t I heard you mention him?” 

Lisa pouted and opened her mouth slowly

My brother doesnt like to stay with us.” 

Daisie was momentarily stunned

Lisa seems to have a bad relationship with her brother. Otherwise, its impossible for her not to mention that she has a brother

But isnt brother a family member? Why doesnt he like to stay with his family?‘ 

Daisie did not ask any further because she did not want to force Lisa to tell her what she did not want anyone else to know

Mrs. Fraiser returned very soon to c**k. And because they had guests, she cooked a sumptuous dinner. Mr. Fraiser returned from work slightly after that

It was the first time that their daughter had brought a classmate back for dinner, so both Mr. Fraiser and Mrs. Fraiser were very happy, especially Mrs. Fraiser. She did not forget to fetch Daisie more side dishes 

when they were at the dining table. Daisie, come, you should eat more.” 

Daisie smiled and thanked her. Thank you, auntie.” 

Lisa could see that Daisie was indeed more favored by the elders than she ever was. Even at school, all teachers liked Daisie very much

In fact, she had always been quite envious of Daisie because the latter was superior at birth and could live a worryfree life without having to work too hard. As for her... 

Lisa, you have to eat more too.Daisie picked up a piece of meat and placed it on Lisa‘s plate

Lisa was dumbfounded and lowered her head. Thank you.” 

Mrs. Eraiser frowned. Lisa, pay attention 

while youre eating. What were you thinking just now? You actually made your guest fetch you food.” 

Auntie, its fine.Daisie spoke up for Lisa

Lisa told me that her mother has always been strict with her, and I can feel it

However, her mother has been really tolerant toward me.‘ 

At that moment, someone knocked on the door

Who is it?Mrs. Fraiser put down her cutlery, got up, and went to open the door. Meanwhile, Daisie stared in the direction of the door curiously 

When Mrs. Fraiser saw the man standing outside the door, her expression turned distressed. Why are you back at this time?” 

The boy standing outside was around 17 or 18 years oldhis red hair, ear studs, the tattoos on his arms, and attire made him look like a thug

Why cant I come back at this time?The redhaired boy looked into the house, ignored his mother, and walked in with his hands in his pockets. Oh, dinner looks so scrumptious. Is it because my little sister brought her classmate back for dinner 

Lisa bit her lower lip and said nothing

The redhaired boy disregarded everyone, sat at the dining table, and grinned. Lisa, why arent you introducing your classmate to 


Daisie looked at Lisa

Lisa had already put down her cutleries, and her face looked as pale as death, It has nothing to do with you.” 

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