The Three Little Guardian Angels by Ginger Bud Chapter 1349

Chapter 1349 

Maisie pushed open the door and walked into the office

Nolan was behind the desk, supporting his forehead with one hand while reading the documents in front of him. He had heard Maisies conversation with Quincy outside, lifted his gaze, and chuckled. Are you trying to become a matchmaker now? You can always arrange a blind date for Quincy.” 

Maisie put the lunchbox on the desk. Hes your employee. As his boss, why arent you the one arranging it for him?

Nolan smirked as he put down the documents. It‘s not that you dont know me. I dont know many women.” 

Maisie choked on her own words

Sure enough, since I got to know him up until now, Ive never seen any of Nolans female friends. All the people around him are basically men

Maisie propped her arms against the surface of the desk and leaned forward.Nolan, you shouldve been very popular back in college. Did none of the ladies in college tackle you back then?


Nolan caressed her cheek with his palm.” Yes, I didnt really encounter any of them.


Nolan had been so focused on studying and managing the company back in college that he had no time or energy to focus on other things





Maisie held the back of his hand and laughed. You didnt even save the contact information of any ladies from back then?” 

He frowned, pinched the back of her neck, and pulled her closer. Why ask? Do you want me to contact my female classmates after all these years?” 



No, Im just curious.She smiled as her eyes narrowed, then got up and opened the lunchbox. I made eggfried rice for you. I havent tried it myself, so I wonder how it tastes.

Nolan picked up the spoon, took a mouthful, and nodded. This isnt bad.” 




Really?Maisie stared at him for fear of missing the slightest change in his expression

He lifted his eyelids and gazed at her. Your cooking skills have improved a little over the years.” 

At that moment, there was a knock on the office door

Maisie took the initiative to retreat to the couch and sat down

Seeing that she sat down obediently, Nolan chuckled but calmed down almost instantly and went back to normal. Come in 

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