The Three Little Guardian Angels by Ginger Bud Chapter 1350

Chapter 1350 

Quincy pushed the door open and quickly walked up to the desk. Mr. Goldmann, Mr. Xavier of Beyond Tech Corporation wants to see you.” 

Nolan frowned. Beyond Tech Corporation hasnt been in any collaboration with us before this. What do they wish to bring to my attention?Quincy shook his head. Im not sure. The front desk said they had already been waiting for an hour. Its said that Beyond Tech Corporation is about to be acquired by another company, and its prospects are looking rather grim, so maybe hes here to seek some sort of collaboration?” 

Nolan put the documents on the desk and leaned back against the back of the chair.” 

A tech company thats about to be acquired comes to me for a collaboration. What do they think Blackgold is? A charity? Tell the front desk to ask them to leave.” 

Quincy called the front desk and told them exactly what Nolan said

The receptionists then said something to him, and he looked at Nolan immediately.Mr. Goldmann, was Mr. Xaviers daughter your coursemate back in college?” 

A chuckle came out of nowhere

Maisie covered her mouth and turned her face away, but her trembling shoulders had already betrayed her

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Nolan pinched the bridge of his nose. Zee, is it funny?Im sorry, I couldnt help it.Maisie still could not help but want to laugh

Nolan glared at Quincy. You, go out.” 

Quincy was stunned for a split second and then left the office tactfully

Nolan walked toward Maisie, and before she could react, a figure had leaned forward and kissed her lips

Maisie could no longer laughall she could feel was a dense and domineering aura that came with him. She propped her hands against his shoulders, and just as she was able to catch a breath, he clasped the back of her neck with his hand and kissed her more vigorously

After a long time, she panted. Thave to head back home already” 

He rubbed her cherry lips with his fingertips. Arent you going to stay?” 

You have work to do. Arent you afraid that youll be badmouthed if I stay?Maisie pushed him away gently

If I stay for another minute, I wont know if Ill still be able to hold myself back

Nolan chuckled inwardly and moved his lips closer to her cheek. Youre the wife of the companys owner. Who in the world would have the b***s to gossip about you?” 

Maisie got nibbled by him on the side of her neck. Nolan Goldmann, you-” 

Quincys voice came from the other side of the door when the emotions were about to overflow. Mr. Goldmann, are you ready?” 

Nolan was rendered speechless

Maisie chuckled and lifted Nolans upset face. You should work first. So, it‘s not very appropriate for me to stay here, is it?” 

Nolan took a deep breath and pinched the tip of her nose. T’I let you go this time around.” 

He then asked Quincy to lead the other party to his office

When Edward of Beyond Tech Corporation learned that Nolan was not willing to see him, he immediately brought his daughter. He followed Quincy to the administrative office, walked into the office with a smile, and saw Maisie sitting on the couch with a cup of tea. He was momentarily stunned.Mr. Goldmann, are you seeing a guest?” 

Nolans expression slightly dimmed. She’s my wife.” 

Maisie gave off a polite smile

Edward realized that he had said something wrong and quickly explained,Im really sorry, my eyesight has been deteriorating exponentially recently, and Im now as blind as a bat. Ive failed to recognize Mrs. Goldmann. Shes really young and beautiful.” 

Maisie was quite happy when he praised her for looking young and beautiful

However, Nolan did not like it deep down

Does that mean that he thinks Ive robbed the cradle?‘ 

Edward did not notice the change in Nolans facial expression and introduced his daughter with a grin. Mr. Goldmann, 1 heard from my daughter, Elaine, that she shared the same course with you back in college. I wonder if you still remember that 

Elaine nodded with a smile

Maisie took a closer look at the lady. She exuded a very gentle and magnanimous temperament and looked gorgeous

Nolan frowned. Im sorry, its been so long since I graduated, so I cant really remember any of my coursemates.” 

Edward was slightly embarrassed and gave off an awkward chuckle. It doesnt matter.” 

“I studied computing science too. You sat in the row right behind mine back then.Elaine tried to remind Nolan

However, Nolans expression remained unchanged, and his attitude was extremely indifferent. I dont remember that.” 

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