The Three Little Guardian Angels by Ginger Bud Chapter 1353

Chapter 1353 

Tanner slowly spoke. Noah needs a complete family and me.” 

Pearl pausedher chest heavinghut pulled her hand out of his grasp. I dont want to get married.She no longer had the courage to go through marriage. Tanners eyes lost hope, but he understood she didnt want to forgive him

He said, We wont have to get married if you dont want to. Well do it if or when you want to. Pearl, the decision is in your hands. I wont force it.Tanner touched her face, which looked cold because he wanted to warm her up

Pearl looked around and took a deep breath. I‘m not worth the effort.” 

I think you are.” Tanner got closer and rubbed his hand on her cheek. Pearl, you and Noah bring meaning to my life.” 

Pearl froze before looking into his eyes. Tanner, if we got married and you had a tainted wife, you would need to hear people talking behind your back. Do you think thats a marriage you want?

I dont care,” Tanner touched her face and stared into her eyes, I dont care what others say as long as I love my wife.” 

Pearl looked at him but didnt say anything

Tanner kissed her cheek and gave her a peck on her lips after seeing that she didnt flinch

The touch shocked her, so she immediately pushed him away and took deep breaths.Im sorry” 

Tanner saw that she was shaking and was afraid that he had scared her. Dont worry

I can wait.” 

He would wait for her to be alright with his touch, no matter how long that would take

After three days, Quincy brought the agreement to Beyond Tech. The assistant had already prepared some tea in the office

Edward Xavier sat on the couch and read through the agreement. After a long time, Quincy, who sat across from him, said, You can bring up any objections.” 

Edward smiled. I have no objections.” 

He picked up his pen and signed, then handed it back to Quincy

Quincy closed the file, stood up, and put out his hand. Heres to a great partnership.” 

Edward shook his hand. When Quincy was leaving, he remembered something. By the way, I wonder if its possible to get Mr. and Mrs. Goldmann for dinner? I would like to thank Mrs. Goldmann.” 

Quincy turned to look at him. Ill check with Mr. Goldmann.” 

Edward nodded. Thanks.” 

At Soul..

Lucy came to the office to report on the companys sales performance. In three years, Lucy had matured a lot compared to when she first joined the company and was no longer a little girl in the corporate world

After listening to her report, Maisie nodded happily. I was right about you

Lucy blushed when she was praised. No, it was because you mentored me well.” 

Maisie crossed her fingers, placed her chin on them, and smiled. “Be confident. You wouldn‘t have improved as much even if I taught you well if not because youre smart, to begin with, right?

Lucy smiled and nodded, Thank you.” 

At that moment, Maisie got a call from Nolan. Honey, Im at the office.” 

Lucy knew it was Nolan, so she quietly walked out but overheard their conversation. Mr. Xavier wants to have dinner with us?” 

Nolan smiled. Its to thank you for giving them a chance.” 

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