The Three Little Guardian Angels by Ginger Bud Chapter 1354

Chapter 1354 

Nolan hadnt planned to work with Beyond Tech, especially when they tried to use his relationship with Elaine. He didnt want another situation like the Hannigans

Nathaniel had tried to introduce Maizie to him under the guise of a partnership when he lost his memories. If there were any underlying motives, he wouldnt consider a partnership, even if it were with a great company

However, Beyond Tech was open and good at reading people. Since Maisie was interested, he had agreed on behalf of her

Maisie smiled. Ill go where my dear brings me.” 

Nolan smiled and agreed

After the call ended, Lucy slowly turned around. Ms. Vanderbilt, which Mr. Xavier were you talking about?” 


Maisie smiled and answered, From Beyond lech.” 




Lucy‘s expression slightly changed

Maisie noticed that and squinted. Whats wrong?” 

Lucy snapped back to her senses, scratched her head and smiled. Its nothing. I was just curious. Im going back to work.” 

The moment she left the office and closed the door, her smile disappeared, and her expression turned dark

Maisie and Nolan showed up at the restaurant at 7:00p.m

Edward had booked a private room in a highend restaurant. He was there with his daughter and his wife

When they saw Maisie and Nolan, the Xaviers all stood up and greeted them warmly. Mr. and Mrs. Goldmann, take a seat.” 

Nolan sat next to Edward, and Maisie sat next to him



The women of the Xavier family sat on the left side of Edward and were facing them. Edward happily handed the menu over.We havent ordered anything because we dont know what you enjoy. We wanted for you to be here when we ordered.” 




Nolan didnt take the menu but calmly said, Youre the family leader and a senior, so you can decide on the food. We dont have any allergies or preferences

After Nolan said that, Edward didnt push.Ill get their signature dish then. Its quite good.” 

He got the server to take their order and asked Nolan, Mr. Goldmann, do both of you drink?” 

She doesnt.” 

Maisie looked at Nolan and frowned. I can drink a little.” 

Nolan chuckled and played along. Fine, a little then.” 

Jenna Xavier couldnt help but smile when she saw their interaction. Your relationship is really as great as the rumors.” 

Rumors about Nolan had mostly started after getting married. He had become the standard for the socialites in Bassburgh when picking a partner, and they were the dream coupleeveryone wanted to become

Maisie looked at Jenna. She wasn‘t as overbearing as the other women in the circle but was instead gentle and kind. She didnt wear a lot of expensive jewelry to show her status and looked simple compared to the other ladies

She smiled. Thanks, Mrs. Xavier. I didnt know that youre quite young” 

Edward was already in his 60s, but Jenna looked like she was in her 40s, a young wife

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