The Three Little Guardian Angels by Ginger Bud Chapter 1355

Chapter 1355 

Jenna was surprised, then looked toward Edward and smiled

Edward made it lively during their dinner while Elaine had a few things to say when the food was served

Nolan rarely spoke when dining, and Maisie would usually be the one speaking. She noticed that Jenna had no interactions with Elaine 

After dinner, Edward walked them to the door

Maisie said goodbye to them politely and got into the car with Nolan

The car slowly drove away while she looked into the side mirror. I felt that Jenna didnt really blend in.” 

Nolan casually unbuttoned his jacket, tilted his head, and smiled, You were paying attention to that?” 

I just found it odd.Maisie leaned on his shoulder. Jenna had to look at her husband before speaking and didnt interact with her daughter as though she was an outsider.” 

When the driver heard that, he said, I heard that this is Mr. Xaviers second wife. Ms. Xavier was from the first wife who he 

divorced many years ago.” 

Maisie leaned forward with a curious expression. Why did they get a divorce?‘ 

The driver noticed the dark eyes behind him, so he awkwardly smiled. Im not sure, Maam.” 


Maisie pouted. Elaine was Nolans age, so how could her mother be in her 40s? She was just a stepmother


Nolan put out his arm and pulled her into his arms. Since when were you so interested in gossip?




Maisie looked up at him and smiled, Dont you know that gossiping is every womans hobby?” 


Nolan touched her hair and smiled. I do now.He leaned in and smiled. Youre very nasy too.” 


Maisie got up in annoyance but smiled. I‘m going to ignore you if you keep calling me out.” 

Nolan laughed and hugged her. Alright, Ill stop.” 

The next day..

Elaine was doing some shopping with her close friends

Since news of Blackgold and Beyond Techs partnership had spread, her best friends were jealous that her family could work with Blackgold

Elaine walked into a luxury boutique and was going through the racks when her friend got close to her while looking curious. Elaine, werent you friends with Mr. Goldmann in college? Did he work with you because you know each other?” 

Were just in the same course. We‘re not close,Elaine had no expression

Another woman smiled. Did you have dinner with him? Did you manage to get his phone number?” 


Elaine put the shirt back on the rack. We had dinner, but Mrs. Goldmann was there too.” 

The woman was sad. He brought her along for dinner. I guess he really loves her.” 

However, the other friend disagreed. I think she was just worried he would be in contact with other women and followed along. If my husband was rich and goodlooking, Id follow him everywhere too.

Elaine didnt say anything

After they left the mall, a car slowly drove past them. She saw who was driving, so she turned to speak to them. I have something after this. You go ahead.” The two women understood and left

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