The Three Little Guardian Angels by Ginger Bud Chapter 1356

Chapter 1356 

Elaine walked toward the car

The car drove into the car park. After Lucy parked the car, she came out and closed the door. As soon as she turned around, she saw Elaine walking toward her

It has been a long time, Lucy. It seems like youre leading a pretty good life. You even have a new car.Lucy did not expect to run into Elaine here. The smile on her face disappeared. So? Its not like Im spending your familys money

Just when she was about to leave, Elaine stopped her It has been three years. You dont even care about how your mother is living in our house?” 

When Elaine talked about her mother, Lucy 

averted her gaze and fell silent

When she turned 15, her mother remarried a businessman. Since then, she and her mother had been living with the Xaviers. She had also acknowledged her stepfather as her father and changed her surname. However, she knew that she and her mother had always been outsiders

Her mother was obedient to the man and tried her best to be a good wife. Although Lucy had become the daughterof the Xaviers and her stepfather had paid for her education, he did not allow her to tell anyone that she was part of the Xaviers. Even her mother was prohibited from acknowledging that she was her daughter in front of people. 3

In order to find a good husband for her and save her from the same miserable life as she had, she had organized the blind date three years ago

Elaine studied Lucy for a while and approached her. Whos the sugar daddy? You didnt tell your mother about it, did you?

Lucy was stunned. What?” 


Elaine frowned and continued. This purse cost about $3,000. How could you get so much money if you didnt have a sugar daddy ? Although I‘m not your biological sister, and I dont have an obligation to tell you whats right or wrong, you should also think about your mother, right?” 

Lucy did not know why Elaine would come to such a conclusion. She did not want her to go back and tell her mother some nonsense, so she said, Dont be ridiculous. I bought this purse with the money learned myself

What kind of job is it?” 

Its none of your business.” 

Lucy flung her aside and went back into the building

Elaine followed behind her secretly, and she was slightly shocked when she saw her walking toward the branch of Soul Jewelry

At the Xavier mansion… 

Edward was reading the newspaper in front of the desk while Jenna was making him tea. He flipped through the newspapers, and then he suddenly thought of something. He put the newspaper on the side and picked up a cup of tea. Its been a few years, and I dont think Ive heard you mention your daughter again.” 

Jenna was momentarily stunned before she smiled and said, I have been keeping in touch with her privately.Youre her mother. If you have been keeping in touch with her, then you should call her back for dinner once in a while,” Edward said seriously. He did not want other people to know her identity, but it did not mean he did not allow them to see each other

When Elaine returned to the house, she happened to hear the conversation between her father and Jenna. Before she could say anything, Jenna rose to her feet and said with a smile, Youre back, Elaine. Ill go prepare dinner then.” 

When Jenna passed by her, Elaine crossed her arms in front of her chest and said, I saw your daughter today.” 

Jenna was stunned again. However, she did not say anything and went into the kitchen

Elaine took a look at Jenna and then sat on the couch

Edward asked her, If youve seen Lucy, why didnt you ask her to come back for dinner?” 

Shes busy,Elaine replied

Edward asked, What does she do for a living?” 

Elaine picked up a cup. She hesitated for a few seconds and replied, No idea.” 

Edward did not press on. He looked at her and said, Elaine, if you have time, go mingle with Mr. Goldmann and his wife. Becoming their friend will only bring you benefits and no harm.

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