The Three Little Guardian Angels by Ginger Bud Chapter 1357

Chapter 1357 

Elaine took a sip from the tea silently

Nobody could tell if she was listening or not. She had not wanted to go with her father to the Blackgold that day. Even though she graduated from the same college as Nolan, she was unfamiliar with him

Her father had wanted her to go because he wanted to take advantage of the relationshipbetween her daughter and Nolan and hoped that he would give them a chance. However, he was obviously wrong

She was also well aware that her father wanted her to enter that circle solidly and gain a foothold in it. Many people wanted to work with Blackgold, but not all of them had the opportunity. When people wanted 

to cotton up to the Goldmanns, the first target they would go after was Nolan, and they would usually ignore Nolans wife

Her father knew how much Nolan loved his wife, so he wanted her to form a good relationship with her instead

Everyone said Maisie was just lucky for marrying Nolan. Some of them even thought that she was just a woman, and even though she worked as a jewelry designer, it didnt mean that she could provide any help to Nolan, and she could never represent Blackgold

However, she was tre only one who saw through the truth

Why did Nolan love no one but Maisie? Why was Nolan so obedient to her? She did not just depend on Nolan, and she was unique in her own way. She did not have to become a housewife. Not only did she have her own business, but she could also make decisions for your husbands benefit

Many people in this world sought equality between men and women. However, only a minority of them could really do so, and Nolan did not ask his wife to do what a woman should do because she was a woman, just like her father did. Instead, they achieved true equality. Not only were they husband and wife, but they could also be partners in work.” 

Many men did not wish their wives to be better than them, but little did they know that their attitude decided whether a woman wanted to be pushy or not. When men became unreliable, women could only count on themselves

She lowered her head and replied, Okay

Two days later, at Soul...


Soul had just launched a new season of jewelry. They wanted to invite several popular celebrities to become their spokesperson, and Maisie left it to the advertising planning department to decide during the meeting


After the meeting was over, Maisie came out of the meeting room

Lucy walked up to her and said, Ms. Vanderbilt.” 

She turned around to look at Lucy and replied, Yeah?

Lucy scratched her cheek and said, .... I may have to take two days off.” 

Without asking her the reason, Maisie replied with a smile, Sure Go ahead.” 

A smile broke across Lucys face. Thank you, Ms. Vanderbilt.” 

At that moment, Saydie came over and whispered something into her ear. Ms. Xavier?Maisie was dumbfounded

Saydie nodded. I already asked her to wait for you in the reception room.

When Lucy heard the name Xavier;her heart skipped a beat

Is it Elaine

Meanwhile, Elaine was waiting for Maisie in the reception room. When she saw Saydie and Maisie, she rose to her feet and nodded at them with a smile on her face.Mrs. Goldmann.” 

Its okay. Have a seat.” 

Maisie sat opposite her and asked, Is there anything I can help you with, Ms. Xavier?” 

Maisie was kind of curious why Elaine would come to her. The reeling she gave 

her was different from those women who got their heads banged up when they saw Nolan. 

That day at Blackgold, she had been under the impression that Elaine would express her love for Nolan because Nolan was her coursemate in college. However, the things she had said on behalf of Beyond Tech Corporation were from her heart

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