The Three Little Guardian Angels by Ginger Bud Chapter 1358

Chapter 1358 

Not only that, but Elaine did not take the chance and curry favor with Nolan when they were having dinner that night

Apparently, she was not interested in Nolan

Elaine put the gift on the table and said with a smile, To express my gratitude, I hope you can keep this, Mrs. Goldmann.” 

Maisie knew it was expensive, judging from the gift box alone

She narrowed her eyes and seemed rather perplexed. Youre welcome, Ms. Xavier. However, did you not already express it at dinner the other day? So dont you think its a little inappropriate for me to accept your gift now?” 

There were two meanings when it came to 

giftgiving. The first one was to express something, while the second was to curry favor. When one wanted to express something, it could mean that they were asking for a favor. However, Elaine did not look like she was asking for a favor but was more inclined to the second one

In other words, Elaine was currying favor with her, but she did not show it explicitly

It was within Elaines expectation that Maisie did not take the gift. She was following her fathers request to get on good terms with Maisie. It seemed a bit disrespectful to shove a gift down her throat, and it could backfire with excessive enthusiasm

After thinking for a while, Elaine decided to take a step back. It was inconsiderate of me and caused you to misunderstand. This gift is a small token of my appreciation, I just want to thank you for giving Beyond Technology a chance, and Ill not forget this favor from you.” 

Maisie smiled. This is the opportunity that you fought for Beyond Technology. I was just objectively expressing my opinion

The person who ultimately gave Beyond Technology a chance is Nolan

Honestly, if you want to express your gratitude, you don‘t have to give me a gift. In the future cooperation with Blackgold, I just hope that Beyond Technology can put up the end of your bargain to bring out the full benefits of this cooperation. This is the best way to thank us.” 

Elaine was stunned. Maisie was indeed different from other women. She had a good vision and did not stick at trifles. It was no wonder that Nolan would love her so much

Elaine left after chatting with Maisie for some time. She did not take the gift along with her. After Elaine left, Maisie turned her head to look at the gift on the table. It was a little awkward to take back the gift that had been given. She couldnt reject her either since it would also injure their relationship. She ordered Saydie to put the gift away without opening it

At night, Maisie told the matter of Elaine giving her a gift to Nolan

Nolan was sitting on the couch reading a document in his sleep robe. He looked relaxed, and after listening to Maisie, he lifted his eyelids and said, “It isnt surprising that she wants to please you, Zee.Yes, it isnt surprising.Maisie was applying facial cream to her face. She turned around to look at him and continued. Im just wondering why she is doing that.” 

She looked like she wanted to curry favor with her, but she did not show excessive passion when meeting her this afternoon. It did not seem to be her intention, or she was not good at it. Why was she doing it if she was not good at it? Was she trying to get something from her? Maisie just wanted an answer

Nolan put the document on the table and rose to his feet to walk toward Maisie. He supported his arms on the table and leaned closer to her. What if shes going after a benefit only you can offer her?” 

She squinted. Benefit that only I can offer her?” 

She was not the one who cooperated with Beyond Technology

Nolan caressed her face with his finger and chuckled. The Xaviers are smart. They know they won‘t get anything from me by courting me, so they turn their target to you.” 

Understanding instantly dawned upon Maisie. She smiled and said, So, they want to achieve a longterm cooperative relationship with you through me?” 

Maybe.Nolan put his finger on her lips

Maisie got up and coiled her arms around his neck. Her fingers grazed past his chest as she said, Theyve overestimated me. Do they really think that my word can sway the decision of Mr. Goldmann?” 

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