The Three Little Guardian Angels by Ginger Bud Chapter 1359

Chapter 1359 

Nolan wrapped his arms around Maisie’s waist and pulled her closer. Cant you?” 

Maisie was stunned for a moment and chuckled. Can I?” 

Nolan lowered his head and landed a trail of kisses on her cheek to the corner of her lips. Yes, you can.” 

Maisie slightly pushed him away and lifted her head to look at his handsome face.Thats because you know I wont make any unreasonable demands.” 

To make a man obedient, being unreasonable was useless. An appropriate amount of vexatiousness could improve the relationship between husband and wife, but it would only make a man feel bored when overused

Nolan chose to listen to her when it came to important matters. He gave her the amount of respect and trust she needed. People always said that men went out to work while women looked after the house. When a woman gave her husband the respect he needed, the man would reciprocate by giving her a good life. However, things were different when it came to Nolan



Regardless of whether they were outside or in the house, she gave him the respect and trust he needed, and he did the same to her

A mans dignity and pride did not entirely depend on his wife. Instead, it depended on the man himself. She would naturally be willing to back off if he respected his wife. If a man refused to respect his wife, how could he expect his wife to give him respect in front of the people

Many times, a wife threw a tantrum and made things difficult for her husband when she found out that her husband had cheated on her

Nolan chuckled deeply and turned around to put Maisie on the table. Well, its fine if you want to make an unreasonable demand now.” 

She lifted her eyebrows and put her hand on his waist. You mean now?” 

Nolan lowered his head to kiss her. Youre so naughty, Zee

The next day, at the Xavier mansion...

Lucy was pacing back and forth in the courtyard Just when she was thinking if she should go in or not, Jenna opened the door. When she saw her standing in front of the door, she said, What are you doing out here? Come on in.” 

Lucy did not say anything and went into the living room with Jenna

Edward and Elaine were sitting on the couch. Jenna pushed Lucy forward and ushered her to greet them

Lucy pressed her lips thin and greeted Edward hesitantly, Dad.” 

Edward put the cup down and replied indifferently, Your mom has been talking about you since you havent returned home for several years. Since youre back today, then stay back for lunch.” 

To make her mother happy, Lucy decided to stay for dinner

Lucy did not say anything when they were having lunch. After her mother formed a new family, she became an outsider. She couldnt blend herself in no matter how hard she tried, so she could only keep silent

Suddenly, Jenna asked, Lucy, Elaine said she ran into you the other day. Who are you working for right now?” 

Lucy was stunned and jerked her head up to look at Elaine

Elaine had never liked her and her mother. She used to cause her some trouble from time to time when they were studying

Therefore, they were not on good terms. She did not know if Elaine had said something to her mother, so she wanted to see her reaction first

However, Elaine just glanced at her and did not say anything

Then, Lucy replied, Im working as a salesperson in a company.” 

Jenna nodded and continued. Is the work hard? Are you tired?” 

Lucy was her own daughter, and it went without saying that she was worried about her. She knew she owed her daughter a lot, so she wanted her to marry a good husband. She did not want her to go through the same miserable life as she had

Before Lucy could say anything, Elaine chuckled and said, I dont think shes tired. Judging from her salary, she should be at least a manager now, right?“ 

Lucy‘s heart skipped a beat


7 When Edward heard what Elaine said, he lifted his head and looked at Lucy. Hmm? Amanager? Which company are you working 

for?” Does she know something?

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